Saturday, April 14, 2012

Perky Pansies

Pansies are among Mother Nature's sweetest gifts to us.

Their little faces look up at us and smile.

A dear friend brought two pots of  blooming pansies over at Easter time. 

Not only that, they came in bright pink pots that scream out, "SPRING!"

So this Saturday, here's my wish for you.

 I wish you a day as happy and perky as a pot of pansies! 

Have a fun day!



Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Those pansies looks beautiful, and the pots in pink - how nice. I love all shades of blue, so that is my favorite color of pansies. Have a lovely day!


jeanetteann said...

They are so lovely. We have just put in heaps of them in all colours,but my favourite at the moment(although it's hard to pick) is mauve. I love to mix a little yellow with mauve.

Linda O'Connell said...

Pansys are quite a treat and reminder of my early Sunday School days, when I received a potted one each Easter.

Leann said...

I love that they are in perfect pink pots already! I don't think that I have a favorite color - but if I have to choose - then I choose the deep purple.

Enjoy your weekend!

Minnie Kitchen said...

I guess it really is spring! Have a great weekend!

Chatty Crone said...

Perkie Pansies - I like that! I am so blessed here in GA - we are able to grow pansies all year long - they are everywhere. So a lot of times in the winter - we still have wonderful flowers. sandie♥

La Tea Dah said...

Purple --- but actually, I love all colors of pansy's! They were my mother's favorite flower. They were always in our garden --- and repeated in prints on fabric and pictures in the house. I have a beautiful, large watercolor painting that my mom made and cherish it. Happy day to you too, Susan!

diane.stetson said...

I love deep purple pansies and all kinds of pansies...they are so cheerful and worth painting. Happy Spring!

Bookie said...

Pansies are wonderful...but here, the summer heat is hard on them. However, winter and spring are good...I still have my viola, baby pansies, from the fall...looking good considering!

Donna said...

Susan - those are SPECTACULAR! I cannot believe how WARM it will be this weekend! I feel bad for the marathon runners who had been hoping for "60's and overcast." Have a lovely Sunday!... Donna

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