Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

One of my dearest girl friends from high school days is Ukrainian.

She has often heard me say how beautiful, intricate, and detailed Ukrainian Easter eggs are.

So guess what she did?

She started ordering eggs from the Ukraine and giving them as gifts!

Guess you might say a new collection was born!

Look at these gorgeous eggs are in the dining room china hutch.

Can you imagine all the work that went into these?

That's one reason I live in fear of smashing one (or all) of these blown-out eggs.

They are quite delicate and breakable.

They are so detailed!

The symbols used in the eggs have special meaning as do the colors. For example, drawings of fish stand for Christianity. 

Squares, or nets, with lines through them are Christ's reference to becoming "fishers of people."

Curls mean defense or protection and pine needles are health, stamina, and eternal youth.

Those are just a few of the symbols used to decorate Ukrainian eggs.

Colors, too, have meanings. For example, white stands for purity, innocence, and birth. Red is happiness in life, hope, passion and the sun. 

Blue is the sky with life-giving air and good health.

This Easter, my beloved friend gifted me with three more eggs!  They are just exquisite and I'm so grateful.

(Information source is the UkrainianDesign Book 1, Ukrainian Design Book 2, and Eggs Beautiful.)

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Lady Linda said...

Hello Susan...Happy Easter, a bit late. I am trying to get back on track after being away again. i think I'll be staying put now for awhile! I love your beautiful. I have always admired this craft. Lucky you!
Oh, my friend's daughter sent me one of those purse hooks after I admired her's...neat.
Much love,

Linda O'Connell said...

What a fine treasure assortment, and what a friend!

LDH said...

They are really amazing and beautiful! The skill and talent that goes into making them adds to that beauty!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

These are beautiful! I've seen them somewhere before and am always amazed at the intricate designs. hugs, Linda

diane.stetson said...

Beautiful eggs. I have some Polish ones and now I've got some from Korea...I just love the colors you have. Now I want a Fabrege egg...but I'd have to marry royalty.

Chatty Crone said...

I have seen them and I wonder how they can be shipped here. Some women I presume have worked a lot of backbreaking hours to make those beautiful eggs. sandie


I have never seen Ukrainian Eggs, so reading all about them here is a real treat. They are gorgeous!

I love your collection!

Here in Australia, Aboriginals carve out designs into Emu Eggs. I have one here to send to a friend in England. So I'm really hoping it will make it to her, customs can be pretty strict.

Donna said...

Hi Susan! What beautiful eggs and what a lovely friend you have! Have a wonderful weekend. I hear we might be in for some warm weather!... Donna

Leann said...

Oh what a lovely collection. How sweet of your friend. I have 2 wooden painted eggs and love them. I actually bought them last year at a thrift store for a steal.


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