Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diva Cat "Tale"

Everyone who has an animal, whether it's a cat, dog, or something else, knows how they get deep into our hearts.

They become part of the family, almost like another kid. 

They make us laugh and they make us cry.

We worry about whether they are eating too much or not at all.

We are concerned when they go outside and disappear from our sight.

Now anyone who has ever followed this blog knows how much I adore our resident feline, Honey Cat.

She's a grandmother aged cat now since we've had her about 16 years! 

She was born in Arizona, grew up with our own children and came back to the east with me in a carry-all on the airplane. Oh, there are stories to tell about Honey Cat.

But today, I wanted to share how she is a creature of habit as well as a diva who loves comfort.

Early last evening, I was watching a movie on tv and got up from the green velvet chair in the living room to check on something in the kitchen. 

When I went back to the living room, two seconds later, Honey Cat was curled up in my chair.

I gently lifted her up and placed her on the nearby green velvet hassock. She was not happy. 

The expression on her face made me chuckle,  a combination of hurt and disgust.

 So I grabbed my camera and started snapping her photo. She  turned her head away and refused to look at me. She's done that before, too.

She was displaced from a warm, comfy spot and didn't like it one bit.

End of photo session!

Every night, as regular as clock work, Honey Cat returns to stairs where her food dishes are and silently waits. 

She looks kind of like a royal Sphinx. 

What's she waiting for?  Her bowl of milk.  

While I'm doing dishes, she waits.

While I wash off the stove and counter tops, she waits.

If I run to get something out of the room and return to the kitchen, she's still waiting. 

So I give her the bowl of milk and pretty soon she's lapping it down. What a cat!



Lady Linda said...

Oh, I just love your kitty pix. I miss having a cat. Both of my daughters have amazing cats...Hank and Tuba. I adore them both!
I'm such a kitty fan....I love them.
Thanks for sharing.

Bookie said...

I got this one! Don't know what was going on with Blogger...the posts were different from Honey Cat including an Untitled one...oh well, back on track!!!!

diane.stetson said...

I do not have my cat anymore but my son and his family have two cats who are both very shy and hide behind the couch when I visit and my daughter has a cat that hides under her bed. I love to see pictures of Honey glad she is feeling better.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Jingles does the same thing. She is always stealing people's chairs. And when she wants food or water, she stands by her food dishes and waits and waits and waits. And when I try to take a picture, she always turns her head. I have to make noises and do tricks to get her to look at me ... or take her picture from a distance. :) Hope your day is great. Tammy

LDH said...

Honey cat is so very dear! I love how you captured her antics in the photos!

My dog has too many funny habits to mention. I think he is autistic... very bright, peculiar rituals, built-in clock, uncomfortable with people and other animals, easily stressed...

But I love him just as you described and know what... he loves me back :)

Carol said...

Honey Cat is adorable. Something about older kitties is so darling.
Tony stares at me if I am in "his place".
Bubs head butts me for breakfast and orders his meals stridently.
Munkii is grumpy every day but grumpier on Fridays.
Hunny is darling and sweet and loving every day.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Susan, your Honey Cat is a character like most felines! I no longer have a cat but I remember they have their own personalities. Great company too. Thanks for the smile.


Linda O'Connell said...

Honey Cat is a honey for sure!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan your Honey Cat is a doll. Love her lapping up her milk. My Charlie makes me laugh all the time. He wakes me up by gently patting my face with is paw and sticking his cold wet nose in the corner of my eye,still I love him! Hugs, LInda

Donna said...

Oh, Susan, I love her!! Our Baby does the same thing. If we get up out of a chair, a few minutes later when we go back she is curled up in it. They must love the warmth! Our Tiger is now 18-1/2 years old. She spends most of her days sleeping on Amanda's bed. I really enjoyed visiting with your Honey Cat!!.... Donna

Babs said...

What a delightful post. Save the top shot for a portrait to hang over the fireplace when Honey goes to cat heaven. Nice job.

Chatty Crone said...

Honey cat is beautiful. How come you sat her down on another chair - and not your lap??? So she waits every night for her cocktail of milk. She is beautiful!

Disco has a few - but one of his pink pig plush pacifiers where ever he goes!

Love, sandie

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