Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Gift from the Heart of a Friend

Sometimes the littlest gifts bring us the biggest joy.  

Is that true for you, too?

One of my most cherished Mother's Day gifts this year was the small framed saying in today's post. 

A dear friend gave it to me. I know she doesn't have much money so it's almost a sure bet this was her own possession which she gifted me with.

Her little girl came out and handed me one of those snow globes that you shake up and down.  It had two bunnies inside.

Honestly, tears filled my eyes when she handed it to me because I know the little one loved the globe herself. 

But she wanted to give me something special for Mother's Day.

Isn't that the very best gift of all? It's truly something from the heart.

Inside the little frame, I love the little saying, noting that God's love is like a circle which, of course, has no end! 

That is such a comforting thought.

Plus His gifts do, indeed,keep coming again and again, also with no end.


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