Thursday, May 24, 2012

English Garden Candle

Have you ever been to England?

Unfortunately, I've never had the opportunity to travel there but maybe, by some miracle, one day I'll be able to  get on a plane and go!

In the meantime, I can get an idea of how incredibly fragrant an English flower garden must be when I light a candle with that fragrance.

One of my sisters gave it to me for Easter.  The strange thing is that it has a wooden wick.

Have you ever heard of a candle with a wooden wick?

I certainly had not. It's kind of difficult to get it lighted and once it is, the flame is very low. Maybe that's the point. 

The candle is fragrant and pretty. 

It's by the Village Candle Company, located in Maine. 

Check out their website by clicking on Village Candle Company above. You'll enjoy your visit there. 

Their candles are definitely among my favorites.

Nice gift!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I don't like a scented candle because they bother my allergies :(

diane.stetson said...

I've been to England and I've seen wooden wick candles before. I don't use candles ..always worry about the fire danger. I'm so glad you are enjoying yours. What a nice sister you have!

EM Illustrator said...

My favorite scent of a candle is Jasmine :)
I haven't heard of a wooden wick though.

Chatty Crone said...

I have never seen a candle with a wooden stick like that very interesting. Yes I have been to England - twice - but I don't remember those kinds of candles. sandie

Lady Linda said...

A wooden wick? Interesting....
I love candles and I like Vanilla, tangerine and in the fall I like apple or spiced pumpkin. I guess I like a lot of different fragrances.

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I've never been to England either but would love to go!
I have a candle with a wooden wick. It's one of the best smelling candles I have. It's kind of noisy when it burns, like kindling. The directions on mine said to trim the wick regularly. I've trimmed it a few times. I think the slow burn is actually supposed to make it more fragrant.
Happy Memorial Weekend!

Karen Lange said...

I've only been out of the country once, when we went to Canada to see Niagara Falls in 1997. It was fun! Would like to go to England someday, and also Italy and maybe Spain too. :)

I have seen the candles with the wood wicks but haven't tried any yet. They sell them at our local Cracker Barrel and other gift shops in town. I'll have to look and see if they are from the same company.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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