Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Ride Through the Countryside

A ride through the countryside is proof positive the Creator is a magnificent artist.

The lush green grass, meandering road, perfect blue sky with billowing white clouds and glorious sunshine all lift the spirit.

Towering trees provide shade. Oh, if only they could talk!  They would have so many stories to tell of times gone by.

 They must have once seen people in horse-drawn buggies passing by.

The children who laughed and skipped under their sheltering branches have now stepped into history. Today, the trees and entire countryside visited in this post are quiet and peaceful. 

While on a solo ride recently, I stopped my car and shot some photos of a typical New England church with its white steeple jutting into the sky.

The only sounds were the singing of birds. 

The air felt pure and fresh. I was up high on a hill and the vistas filled my heart with unparalleled joy.

No talking, no cars, no sirens cut through the calmness of the countryside.  

It was easy to talk to the Lord and thank Him for the gift of such incredible beauty and eyes to take it all in. 

 Today we are joining Think on These Things on Lorraine's blog, With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart.



Chatty Crone said...

I see about 100 things I could be thankful for in your beautiful photos Susan. It is so beautiful there. You are definitely blessed to be leaving there! Sandie♥

Bookie said...

Such a lovely ride,Susan! YOur area of the country has wonderful coming over a hill seeing a white church nestled in the palm of a community. Here you can find similar views in the Ozarks. But then I love the prairie drives too...right now, fields rich with saffron colored wheat and balers wrapping up hay for winter feed. All of it... wondrous..... said...


Thanks for sharing. Love that darling church.

Nellie said...

Actually, we live in a "bit" of countryside. Ten to 15 minutes of driving time puts us right in the middle of hustle and bustle, though, in just about all directions!
How amazing that we were placed here to enjoy all the beauty of God's creation! I am thankful for that each day.

diane.stetson said...

I love the countryside. If I drive a couple hours I'm up in the beautiful moutains...if I drive ten minutes I'm at a gorgeous lake..if I drive fifteen minutes I'm at the Pacific ocean. God's gifts are plentiful. I love New England scenery too!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Mom and I love to go on long rides in the country. They've shortened a bit with the high gas prices, but we make sure we hit the road at least a couple of times a year.

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

"Writing Straight From The Heart" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week.

SarahGeorge said...

Hi Ms Susan, stopping for the first time, I enjoyed your post and the snaps too. I too love country side very much:-). Above all the thankful heart is what God wants. And you have rightly said that.


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Beautiful! I wish I had countryside to get into. We've only got hot desert around us. Have a great week. Tammy

Linda @ A La Carte said...

We love to take day trips to drive around the lovely countryside...especially the mountains!

Laurie said...

I loved taking this ride with you, even if it was via my computer! I so enjoyed your photos of the countryside near you. Our house is on the edge of a field, and I can see a small chapel in a local cemetery nearby, and to the south I see the trees at the edge of the Yellowstone River. Living in Montana, the Beartooth Mountains are a 45 minute drive away, and that is my favorite drive!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Susan - so true - about nature and our loving creator - when one looks up how can one not believe? Love your New England countryside. I have only been up north once as a child but I thought it was so beautiful. Have a blessed week.

LDH said...

Dear Susan,

This is a most lovely post filled with peaceful beauty while pointing to the Creator! How sweet and scenic are your photos that take me right along on your New England drive. Thanks so much for linking this beautiful post to Think on These Things!

Kindly, Lorraine

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