Tuesday, August 28, 2012

African Art Figures

All cultures have their own unique art forms. 

Seeing art pieces and sculptures from different countries always fascinates.

Even though it's impossible to travel the world, one can bring the world into one's own home by collecting art pieces from many different countries.

When I saw the African figures shown in today's post, I was immediately drawn to them.

I love to see the little child looking out, quite curiously, as he accompanies probably his Mom.

Because I know so little about the African culture,  and because it's so vast, there is no way to identify which African people the figures represent.

The clothing appears to be quite ornate and colorful, with lots of bead work.

The figures also look tall and slender, maybe replicas of certain tribespeople in Africa.


In any event, these little figures have kept me company in my home office for quite awhile now.

I think they are nicely done and find them
quite intriguing.

They are among art pieces from many different cultures that have come home with me.



Terra said...

These pieces are graceful and fluid, and how fun to look at them and dream. Could you add them to a nativity set at Christmas?
I have art from Bali on my living room wall, including 6 puppets; tho I've not been to Bali.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan these are quite beautiful. I don't have much ethnic art in my home. I guess I'm more of a vintage junk art gal! hugs, Linda

Bookie said...

I really like these too, Susan. I would be drawn to them...where did not find them, a special store? A museum?

diane.stetson said...

Someday I hope you can get to the places that you have art from Susan...in the meantime enjoy all your art from different countries. These are unique.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

You bet I do -- and since I am in a different country, the only kinda antiques and art I can find is that from different countries. :) Have a great day. Tammy

Linda O'Connell said...

Four year old Nicole just walked in and said, "WOW! CUTE! They are India." Then she folded her hands in prayer and bowed to them. We like them, obviously.

Chatty Crone said...

You know Susan - what they remind me of? Remember when we were little - National Geographic? They would have pictures that look like those women - with the long necks and jewelry.

Kind of awesome to see them in person.


Nellie said...

Amazing art pieces, Susan!

An art collection (other than pieces our daughter has done) is something I haven't developed.

Dee said...

What a grand collection...the figures are eye candy. Love the design and colors of the clothing.

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