Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cut Glass Punch Bowl

Sometimes it seems it would have been better had I been born in Victorian times.

I love the old-fashioned look of houses in that era.  

Lace, velvet, cut glass and lots of cabbage roses in crystal vases all make my heart go pitter patter.

So you can imagine what happened when I saw a truly elegant punch bowl during a recent thrift store excursion.

It detaches from an ornate pedestal. 

I wasn't shopping with anything particular in mind. 

It was kind of like window shopping but indoors. 

There on a shelf stood a magnificent cut glass punch bowl on a pedestal.  

I could imagine it on a lacy tablecloth, filled with punch.  

Women with up-swept hair wearing long colorful dresses, swished along the floor nearby, stopping near the bowl for a spot of punch. 

Their baby pinkies, of course, were poised delicately in the air as they sipped.

Yeah those are the kinds of images that go through my mind while I'm thrift store  shopping.

I looked for a price tag. It was around the back of the beautiful bowl. Squinting  my eyes, I couldn't believe it cost only $15. 

 It  came with many cups but I told the clerk I didn't want them. 

Honestly, I'd have no use for the cups because I never serve punch.

I'm thinking of maybe filling the bowl with one color of Christmas balls  or something along that line.

I think it's truly a beautiful piece and I love it. 

It now sits on top of the dining room table, waiting for Christmas. 

p.s. This must be the week for punch bowls because a friend called me and said to come over. 

She gave me her late mother's punch bowl on a huge cutglass round platter but that's a story for another day.  


Bookie said...

Finnly the bowl with poinsettias for Christmas would be nice! Hot rolls on a buffet might work? I think just water with floating candles maybe?

Susan said...

What an exquisite punch bowl for Christmas. My mother lent me my grandmother's to make Wassail for my hubby's family one Christmas...she forgot to tell me to place a silver spoon in the bowl before pouring anything hot into it. As you might guess, it cracked:-( I was so upset, but my mom said she'd take the blame. It was also a beautiful bowl (I still feel badly.) XOXO

Nellie said...

What a beautiful bowl! I have a punch bowl which I do use for punch at some times when entertaining, so I don't depend on using it for any other kind of decorating. I'd love to have extra cups, too!:)

Your bowl will really be pretty with a Christmas theme going on!

Unknown said...

This is an exquisite bowl!! I can see it with different colors of balls in it for Christmas, perhaps with some pine branches mixed in, or even just some angel hair as a bed for those balls, or perhaps some pine cones...well, I'd better hush before I go get my own bowl out and decorate it!! I have used my bowl many times since I first purchased it for $3.99 over 40 years ago, and I have broken more than one ladle! Anyway, you found a wonderful bargain there, and I'm happy for you! By the way, I'm Nellie's sister, and my email is . :-)

diane.stetson said...

I've had a punch bowl (crystal) from my wedding gifts and still use it from time to time for recitals where I serve the most delicious sherbet punch..yummy. Yours is so pretty too Susan!

middle child said...

Beautiful punch bowl! I would use it for Christmas decorating. Would be awesome filled with a string of colored christmas lights - lit, of course.

Bella said...

Hi Susan,
What a great find, LOVELY! I love the sparkle of cut glass, It will be amazing filled with Christmas balls:-)

Tammy said...

It's a lovely punch bowl. I'm afraid someone around here would knock it right off its pedestal and send it crashing to the ground. Have a great day! Tammy

Barb said...

Hi Susan,
I would use a beautiful bowl and stand like yours for display and decoration all year round.
What a fantastic find...congrats..
Have a good day
Barb from Australia

Veronica said...

Beautiful! And great bargain!

Donna said...

Hi Susan, we live in a SMALL house so I wouldn't have room for a piece as large as a punch bowl; however, I do have my mom's cut glass pedestal candy dish on my dining room hutch and it's also so elegant and from a time long passed!

Yes, I work from home as an artist, a transcriber (for marketing groups) and I run my two Etsy shops, one vintage and one with my artwork. You can see both shops them on the sidebar and bottom of my blog. I used to submit to magazines when I was doing painting patterns & books, but now my art is mainly published as art prints and sometimes licensed. Thanks for asking :)


Ruth Kelly said...

I love the cut glass pieces. I have a few passed down to me from my sweet grandmother so when I look or use them, I always think of her.

Dee said...

Love it....the pedestal makes it look so grand. Another super find for you.

Jennifer Beaudet said...

Wow! What a find Susan! That is gorgeous and yes I would use that in decorating. A little water with some floating flowers and it would become a beautiful centerpiece or for the holidays some colorful ornaments. Love it! Thanks you for stopping by and commenting on my latest:) I'm going to be trying to focus on my local area as far as paintings. At least for a while. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Chatty Crone said...

It's very beautiful when you look down and see the cut glass. What a deal. I think poinsettias for Christmas would look beautiful. sandie

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It is a gorgeous bowl and yes I would use it in decorating! Hugs, Linda

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