Friday, November 16, 2012

For the Love of a Child

Anyone who has ever raised a child knows the immense love one feels toward that little person.

Parenting is extremely difficult but is the most rewarding job in the world, too.

When you see your little one smile at you for the first time, it can melt your heart.

But today my heart is sad.

It's sad for a dear blog peeps whose name is Diann. Her blog is The Thrifty Groove.

I do not know Diann personally but through her writing, photos and sharing in blogland, I know her to be a very good person.  

I have followed her blog for quite awhile now and know how much she loves the little girl she refers to as "the princess."

As sometimes happens in legal systems, the child Diann and her husband have been raising has been taken away from them, in a most agonizing way, after four years and returned to a biological mother the little girl does not even know, according to Diann.

Well, you can read about it by going to her blog.

Because I'm a strong child advocate, reading what happened has saddened me greatly. Things like this just should not happen.

Children are not expendable. They are precious treasures, given to us for a very short time.

People who care for the children of others are often special, unique individuals and should be given every ounce of support and assistance possible.   They should at least be given consideration and respect.

Today, my heart literally aches for Diann and her husband and for the little girl they have sacrificed for, provided, cared for, and loved unconditionally for the past four years.

With all my heart, I hope there is a good outcome to this tragic circumstance.

In the meantime, anyone who prays, could you please pray for everyone involved in this tragic case?


Susan said...

Such a compelling story that happens all too often. Our oldest daughter and her husband decided to adopt outside of this country because of the chance a child could be "yanked" out of their arms with this judicial system. My heart and prayers go out to Diann and her husband. XOXO

diane.stetson said...

Such a sad story. Perhaps some good will come out of it. God be with the adoptive parents!

Glenda said...

Praying for this lovely family to have peace, and for the child to be safe. I have another friend who is going through a similar time, as the birth father is trying to take the child away after three years with the adoptive family. The court system keeps delaying the process, and I'm praying that facts will come to the surface that will prevent this man from removing the child from the loving family who now have her. Sometimes, the legal system just doesn't make sense.

middle child said...

I follow this blogger and can hardly believe something like this could happen. I am praying.

Merlesworld said...

That is so sad, the people who raise a child are not always given enough rights, the birth parents always seem to be favoured by the courts. I hope it turns out well in the end.

Linda O'Connell said...

Sadly, this happens more than you would know. I had to deal with this many times over the years as a teacher, and even went to court for some parents. They say kids are resilient and adapt, but broken hearts take along time to heal. I hope there is some reoslution and Diann can be apart of this little one's life.
"In his hands..."

Lucy said...

So sad indeed,common sense and logic do not exsist in the courts too often. Will pray for them and God's peace to fill them.

Chatty Crone said...

You know I don't know her but someone else put it on their blog. That is so incredibly sad. What in the world was that judge thinking? sandie

Nellie said...

Definitely praying for all involved! Children are not toys to be yanked back and forth!

Glenda said...

Susan, I notice you have asked for my email address. It should be showing on my profile now, but just in case, it is I continue to pray for these dear people to find peace, and that the child will be safe.

Leann said...

Oh that breaks my heart. They are all in my prayers.


Ruth Kelly said...

My heart aches for her because it is like losing a child who will never be yours.

Dee said...

My heart is very sad for this family and fearful for the little girl. May God place his protective hands over her. So So sad :(

DogsMom said...

Diann, Troy, Lia and family continue to be in my heart and prayers.

What angers me most is the deceit,and the way they tried to steal the poor child away without even a goodbye from the only family she has ever known. Add to that the endangering situation Lia is being thrown into and at less than 5 years old.

How can it be called a "justice system?"

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I'm sad for your blogger friend and the child ripped from her side.

Years ago, a cousin faced this agony, but fought the system and won. She was able to raise her lovely girl to adulthood.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Susan I am so stunned by this turn of events. I can't believe the courts would take this loved and cared for child and turn her life upside down and endanger her. I am beside myself with pain and sadness for Diann and Troy! It is just NOT Right!! I am in prayer for all of them.


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