Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reindeer Bears? Uh Huh

 Today I want to share some little doo dads found many years ago in a dollar store in Arizona.

At first glance, when seeing their antlers, I thought they were little reindeer. However, looking at their faces, I discovered they were bears!

Bears with reindeer antlers definitely appealed to me and that year I bought a slew of them and gave them to almost everyone I knew and then some.

Well, they made the cross-country trip back to the east coast with us. Every Christmas that I find them packed away in the attic (some years I don't find them at all), they make me smile all over again.

Now I'm going to share something that didn't make me smile. It made me sad. 
In church on Sunday, I sat behind a family with several kids. One little boy, no more than three years old, was among them.

Now, he was a typical squirmy little fellow for this age. The  family sat toward the end of a pew so there was no way to see much.

The father of this little boy kept glaring at him. Then grimaced. Then mouthed "SIT DOWN NOW."

My heart was jumping inside because the look on that parent's face was scary. 

Did he want that little fellow to sit, like a statue, and not move?  He was a child, and a very young child at that!

Not a story book, not a toy, nothing was provided him.  Even the mother kept "shushing" him and glaring at him.

My heart was heavy and I didn't pay much attention to anything else at that church service. I just felt so sad for the little boy.

What I was thinking about that father, who obviously needed parenting classes, was not conducive to brotherly love. And I was in church! 

Honestly, parents should bring things for their little ones to at least look at in church.

They shouldn't expect them to act like miniature adults. They are NOT adults. They are little children, for crying out  loud.

It made me quake in my shoes to think of that father's interaction with his son at home. 

The memories that are being created at that tender age will surely make that little boy, once grown up, hate church.  How sad is that?

I smiled at the little boy, who was trying to amuse himself with an adult's hymnal.  He smiled back.  Unfortunately, the father's angry face didn't change much at all.

I wish I could show that little boy today's reindeer bears and make him laugh.

Wish I could show the father, too. God knows he needed to learn to laugh. 



Susan said...

Boy, can I relate to your story and wonder why these angry people even have children...but then, that would be judging. Your reindeer bears did put a smile on my face and I bet that little boy would have had one too, XOXO

Linda O'Connell said...

What sweet little bears.

Barbara Neubeck said...

Hi Susan,
I agree with what you say regarding the little ones in church. Parents shouldn't expect them to be quiet and attentive for more than a few minutes.
Your reindeer bears are really cute.
I have 3 polar bears with santa hats on...they always make me smile.
Have a good day
Barb from Australia


Tudo é um mimo lindissimo.
Parabéns pela postagem, bjs no seu coração

Glenda said...

I can remember my younger days and how hard it was for me to sit still in church. Fortunately, my parents understood, and just asked me to be quiet. I would scoot from one end of the pew to the other (no pads back then), but did not talk, so all was well! Our church has a children's church, where the little ones are taught at their level, and there is plenty of activity to keep them interested and involved. As for ornaments that make me smile, I always love snowmen and penguins! They look so happy to me! :-)

Leann said...

Oh this brought tears to my eyes. Yes children need to be occupied. Doesn't your church offer children's church? Our children are in the regular service for maybe 10 minutes, then the Pastor does a quick story for the kids and they are dismissed downstairs to children's sermon. We do crafts and tell stories - kinda like Sunday School except all the kids are in one room.


Tammy said...

Your collection of reindeer bears is so very cute. I've thought the same thing about parents who take their kids anywhere they have to wait for a long period of time. They don't provide anything to distract or entertain them, and just constantly keep telling them to stop, don't, sit, be quiet. Like you said, they are just little ones, and more than 10 minutes of doing nothing is more than enough. Best wishes, Tammy

Dee said...

I can relate...there was a grandma in one of the churches I went to years ago that carried a little switch with her. I am not going to judge her...but it made me angry. I can't think of any object that makes me laugh but my poor try at decorating may bring a chuckle or two.

diane.stetson said...

Ya if you saw my decorations you'd have a really good laugh..ha ha ha.
Children need picture books and cheerios when they go to church and sit in a real pew...otherwise they need to go to the "crying" room.

Chatty Crone said...

You have hit a sore subject with me. If there is anything I can't stand and that I hate - is deflating a child's self esteem. Doesn't anyone care that when they destroy a child's self esteem they are hurting the adult in him too? Nope. No idea. Then when you grow up you gotta figure our what is wrong and how to change.

I love your reindeer bears.

Love. sandie

Nellie said...

I've a wonderful clown, a gift from friends a number of years ago, that is at times the source of laughter for me. I think your bears are adorable, Susan! They bring a smile to my face.

However, I am saddened by the story of the little boy in church. That was not our response to ours when they were little ones. Every moment is a "teaching moment" with children. I wonder how this instance will affect his self-image and feelings of being loved. Hoping for the best for him!

xo Nellie

mo said...

Hi Susan,

I love your teddy bears!

Unfortunately, I think most catholic children (at least the baby boomers) had the same experience in church as a child.

Now they have place to take your children to during mass like a daycare.



jeanetteann said...

I wish you had had a little reindeer bear in church with you. Wouldn't the little boy have loved it,

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