Friday, September 20, 2013

Dollhouse Accessories

Just like in our "big" houses, accessories add to the ambiance of dollhouses.

For instance, in the bedroom of one of my dollhouses, (I have three all together plus a fourth in the attic, in need of major renovation), the residents are getting ready for a special occasion.

It's probably a birthday party because there are two small gifts on the dressing table.

Both are wrapped in pink so they must be for a girl or woman. (Sexist, I know, but it is what it is.)

There's also a teeny tiny swan there.  See it?

Look at your thumb nail. That's about about how big the swan is. 

When my daughter and her husband traveled to Europe last summer, she asked me what I'd like for a souvenir.

I told her something for my dollhouse. That way, she wouldn't have to spend too much (hopefully) and could easily pack it in her suitcase.

She brought me a gorgeous tea set that's in the dollhouse living room, ( see below), a tiny house  in the attic that's actually a view master, and the swan.

Isn't the swan a delicate piece of whimsy?



diane.stetson said...

My daughter had one that her Father built for her on her birthday one year. She played with it for quite some time but then grew out of it and I don't know what happened to it. Your dollhouse things look so real..very nice decorating job Susan.

Hindustanka said...

The tiny swan is the most cute thing I've seen used for doll house decor!And everything looks so real, you are doing great job, I agree with the above comment :)

Bookie said...

Your doll house is so real looking! It must be interesting hobby to follow. For me though, I can't get my real house dusted so I would have a messy doll house for sure!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Susan!
Yes, I love that swan! Those pink presents are adorable too! I like that dresser. I just finished a 3 piece Victorian bedroom set from a kit I ordered on Ebay, I'll be blogging about it this weekend so be looking for it. :)
Have a great day!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I read that you also have several dollhouses. So do I. The swan and coffee set are very nice and stylish. I like gifts wrapped in pink paper. Stunning vanity-keep in touch

Ceil said...

Hi Susan! As big as a thumbnail? Wow. I would be afraid to sneeze in there!

I did have a beautiful dollhouse growing up. I loved dollhouse furnishings. Even had a bathroom, with a little shower, commode and sink. Very real-to-life. My sisters and I would play with it all the time.

Thanks for sharing your precious collection!

Chatty Crone said...

My mother and aunt would go nuts over that! Woohoo!


Ruth Kelly said...

I don't have a doll house - never have had one but I can enjoy someone elses like yours.

Merlesworld said...

I have a doll house, I made it for my daughter when she was young, I made all the furniture and it's a bit wonky but I am very fond of it.
Not anywhere as nice as yours.

Nellie said...

Amazing dollhouse, Susan! I have none here, though my interest is building.:-)

Lady Linda said...

Yes I do, as you know. I LOVE to see everyone's dollhouse and I love to encourage dolly people to have one! Lovely things adorn yours! FUN.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Just love your dollhouse pieces!
Three houses and a fourth in the attic?! I'm so jealous! Love the swan and tea set, just lovely!

Darlene said...

Your dollhouse setting looks so real.
At first I couldn't figure was it a lifesize setting or a dollhouse one. Either way it is lovely. I love miniatures. Take care. Darlene

sheri said...

I have a dollhouse. I bought it for myself and let's just say I'm not a child, haha! You sure can spend a lot of money on them. I have pics on my blog but I need to add more accessories to "homey" it up so it looks as real as yours!

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