Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunny Afternoon

Hello Dear Blog Peeps:

Today the sun is shining brilliantly and it makes for happy hearts!

I want to sit on the porch steps and let it pour over me but it's still too cold out there.

It's lovely to see the sun coming through lace curtains, though, and dream of opening up the windows to see the curtains moving!

Don't you love anticipating spring?

I can hardly wait for daffodils and tulips, purple hyacinths and lilies.

Saturday mornings will, once again, be reserved for jaunts to the farmers' market.

Then there will be day trips and discovering new places.

We will walk out of the house without clunky boots and cumbersome coats, gloves and scarves.

Oh, won't it be heavenly?



Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I agree with you. With spring us enjoyed flowers and good weather. I'm looking to save my boots and coats. I need the sun. Nice curtains in your home. Keep in touch

Ruth Ann said...

I love the way sun shines through lace curtains.

I look forward to walking in some of the local parks, feeding the ducks and geese. However, my husband tells me another storm is headed our way that is supposed to blanket all of Michigan. Sigh...this too shall pass.

Chatty Crone said...

Your window with the lace curtains is so beautiful. Just the place to anticipate spring!

For me - the flowers. In Georgia - spring is not a season it is a blessing - my mom told me that and it is true.


Bookie said...

Just the promise of spring with warm sun does wonders, doesn't it?
Dark again today but to be sunny and warm again tomorrow. I can take it for short terms now, waiting for the real thing to stay!

diane.stetson said...

Well since I haven't had any winter at all this year I've had spring all year round. I'm so happy I do not have to clunk around in boots and shovel snow. I don't miss it one bit. I hope spring comes for you soon. I think tomorrow is the first day of spring on the calender.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

The flowers and that bright new green of the trees growing just makes Spring an amazing time of year for me.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

When your Spring begins, ours will be ending. We continue to enjoy mild temperatures which is nice. Glad you have sunshine and warmer weather. Wishing you a great day. Tammy

Gosia said...

I am definitely looking for great spring flowers, leaves on the trees and nice warm weekends in my summer house. And of course BBQ.

Dee said...

Love your curtains.....I am looking forward to color...and a back road.


Oh you've inspired me for Spring...not that I don't have it in my part of the world, but to start decorating with colors and admiring the gorgeous flowers!I'm a NYorker so I loved Spring there, but still my fav was Fall, although after it you know what happens, lol! Happy Spring my friend.

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