Friday, May 16, 2014

Blue Peacocks

 (All photos in this post were taken by Susan Wicker at Whitney's Farm Market in Cheshire, MA)

There are so many beautiful birds in the world, coming in all colors, sizes and shapes.

One of the most incredible, to me, is the male blue peacock.

So many times, while visiting zoos and spotting peacocks, I'd hope they would fan out their gorgeous feathers but they rarely did.

However, while visiting a small petting zoo recently, at Whitney's Farm Market in Western Massachusetts, with my baby granddaughter, I got the surprise  of my life.

There, behind some of the chicken wire fencing, was the most gorgeous blue peacock imaginable.

His feathers were splendorous in eye-popping colors and fanned out.

He even shook them a few times, as if to garner our already rapt attention.

Truly, the bird, a member of the pheasant family, was something quite magnificent to observe.

Since knowing almost nothing about peacocks, seeing the awesome bird made me want to learn more.

According to eHow, on the Internet, the blue peacock is the national bird of India!

Peacocks have been around a long, long time, dating to times B.C. (before Christ.)

They are mentioned in Greek mythology, too.

They live in zoos all over the world and only the males have the showy plumage.

I remember buying colorful peacock feathers as decorations when I was a teenager.

Ever since that visit to the petting zoo, I've been thinking of that beautiful peacock and how lucky my little grand baby and I were to see him in full regalia. 



diane.stetson said...

Those photos were just magnificent Susan...great job! I'm sure you and your granddaughter loved visiting that petting zoo and farm. I love peacocks beautiful.

Terra said...

The peacock feathers are so beautiful. God was artistic when He created them. On our 25th wedding anniversary we stayed at a country motel in California where there were many peacocks living free all around the place.

Merlesworld said...

He is a wonderful looking bird, we have them at our local gardens, not sure if they are blue peacocks, I only know them as peacocks but they look the same.
Last time I was there I only saw one and he was sitting up a tree usually they are wondering around being beautiful, but we found a few feathers around and maybe they were maulting and he was in no mood to be friendly.

Hindustanka said...

Hi Susan! Your photos are wonderful! Peacocks are are very beautiful birds. As I moved to India I got to know that it is a national bird of India. Also peacock feathers here considered to be protecting from evil and evil eye, so they are basically is a very good thing to keep in the house. You can buy them here in many places.
Your little granddaughter is so cute!

Linda O'Connell said...

If you make a high pitch sound they will fan their tail feathers. I teach my students to stop in their tracks when they see something so delightful and say, Thank You, God, for my eyes.

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures of your granddaughter. Peacocks are beautiful. Keep in touch

Chatty Crone said...

I know the male is prettier than the woman. And I know their are albino ones. And I know the one you took a photograph of - You got a catch catch there!

ImSoVintage Laura Walker said...

What a gorgeous bird. My daughter had neighbors, where she used to live that had a pair of these. They seemed to always be on the roof when I drove by. xo Laura

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh my gosh Susan, I went to your blog to check out your flowerpots and saw these beautiful peacocks! I absolutely adore peacocks, they are so gorgeous! Have you ever seen a white peacock? They are beautiful too!
Okay, now I'm off to check out the flower pots!

marianne said...

Beautiful pictures of the peacocks! I do know that the male is called a peacock and the female is a peahen. I didn't know there were peacocks at Whitney's, tho. Will have to check them out the next time I'm out that way. I'm sure your grandaughter was fascinated by them. They are quite majestic and to see one with it's feathers fanned out is rare.

Valerie said...

What gorgeous pictures. I love peacocks. My great grandmother had a few! When we went to visit her, we would collect the peacock feathers that were scattered about her yard. My mother kept them in a tall blue vase. One of my favorite childhood memories. Blessings and Sunshine, Valerie

Eva Ason said...

Gorgeous pictures of the peacock. I love their blue colours and when they spread their feathers like!

Starry Dawn said...

Hi Susan,
Great photos, sweetheart!
I love peacocks and birds.
What I know about them is the fact that males are more beautiful than females.
Males display their gorgeous tales to impress females,
and find the perfect mate.
I love all animals too.
Greetings from Poet Starry.

janice15 said...

amazing Susan thank you for sharing this with me.. I absolutly loved your photo.. I hope you don't mind I copy two of them for just myself to see they are wonderful... I have always admired them at the zoo too.. you made my day thanks.. with love Janice

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