Friday, June 27, 2014

Trees Are Our Friends

Trees are among our greatest gifts from the Creator, or at least I consider them to be.

Whenever a tree is needlessly slashed down, a part of my heart goes with it

Recently, I viewed two really gorgeous, healthy trees, both probably hundreds of years old, crash down to the ground to make way for a septic tank.

                                                                      (Does anyone know what kind of tree this is?)
Honestly, it makes me cry to see a grand old tree chopped to smithereens.

I like to stand at the base of  big old giants and look up into their branches, thinking how many stories they could tell if they could talk.



diane.stetson said...

The California redwood. They are very very old and huge. I loved going to Sequoia Park to view them. You can drive your car right through one of them...amazing trees.

Bookie said...

The flower tree is so pretty but I have no idea what it is. Yes, I love trees too. Our new one will take a long time for shade...but we had to start somewhere!

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Susan, I feel the same way! Beautiful photos you took. How could they?!

There was a woman who stood fast at the base of a giant tree - an elm I believe - and refused to let the men cut it down! She made the news back in the 1800's if my memory serves correctly; after all women were nobodies then. I'll have to research because I think it was in Pittsfield, MA! Vickie

Merlesworld said...

To look at I love all trees, they are all beautiful but to smell you can't beat the Aussie gums especially after rain.

20 North Ora said...

We have a clump of birch trees in our front yard that I love. My folks had it planted right after we moved into our home almost 45 years ago. So, it's grown with us!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like the grandeur of the trees because they grow and pass from generation to generation. For my city the most common trees are pines. I also really liked the trees in your photos. Keep in touch

Linda O'Connell said...

I love weeping willow trees, evergreens, sugar maples...all trees.

Chatty Crone said...

There was one tree here that I know had to be living during the Civil War. I can't believe that they cut it down. It broke my heart. I go past the stump and it still saddens me!

Now we have more trees here in GA then you could ever imagine!

Lady Linda said...

I probably like maples the best. Our backyard is lined with them and they are so big. The birds and the squirrels love them.
Just caught up on your posts for the week. You sure do a great job Susan. So glad we are blogger friends.

Anonymous said...

I love all trees and am especially fond of Southern magnolias. I also love maple trees for their fall beauty and oaks for the childhood memories they bring.

One of the (many)difficulties for me in moving from the tropical climate of Florida to the desert climate of SW Idaho is that there are just not as many trees as I would like.

Have a great day,
Patti @ Magnolia Cottage

Kit said...

I totally agree with you! I adore trees and even in my little yard, I have over 10 of them. My favorite tree has to be an apple. They are the reason I bought my house in the first place. Two huge ones in my front yard. :) Kit

Eva Ason said...

I think trees are amazing, my fav tree is the oak.
My fiancé is a garden designer and also do construction and his latest design was a tree house for adults which he also built.
Enjoy your weekend

Martha Ellen said...

I feel the same way about trees, especially the really old "witness" trees. Your pictured tree is a Kousa Dogwood. It's a pretty tree from Asia that blooms about one month later than a native Dogwood. Have a great weekend. ♥

marianne said...

It is sad to see the old trees cut down. Just think of the stories they could tell!

There is a 600 year old live oak tree in St. Augustine, Florida that is just magnificent. To gaze up into it's branches and think of all the history it has witnessed is mind boggling.

I guess my favorite tree is the maple. They provide a beautiful shade canopy in the summer and fabulous red, orange and yellow foliage in the fall. Also, the wood is quite dense and strong so it is excellent for furniture; a very beautiful and useful tree.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, this tall tree is grand. What a pretty picture this is. I have a thing for trees also, but my favorite are the old grandfather trees - 100-300 years old (it doesn't matter what type they are). They have given shade to us for many centuries.


Anonymous said...

The home where I grew up at huge, old pecan trees that I loved. In Autumn, my mom and I would pick pecans off the ground and prepare them for the freezer for Christmas baking. Such sweet memories.

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