Friday, July 15, 2016

Firecracker Baby

There's one Fourth of July that my late mother never forgot.

While people were thinking about firecrackers, barbecues and patriotic parades, she was giving birth to a beautiful, dark-haired baby girl.

That was my sister, Barb, the artist.

This past Fourth of July, like all the ones since she was born, we celebrated.

What a joy to meet annually with friends and family for special occasions.

This year, once again, we had a "lobstah" feast at my niece, Sarah's house, to honor her Mama's birthday.  (I won't say how old she is now.)

Before the lobsters, salads, beans and so on, we also had buttery steamed clams that were too delicious to find words to adequately describe them.

Sarah's hubs is a top notch cook!

I got Barb an assortment of gifts she'd like, such as a watercolor book, piggy bank and framed photo of her favorite flower, iris.

Out of my thrift store "stash,"  I chose a brilliant red bow-of-sorts to compliment the cheerful wrapping paper.

 (Barb knows I'm a thrift store queen.)

The minute it was found, I knew it was going to go on a gift to a very special person.



Linda @ A La Carte said...

I do! Both my Grandmother and my cousin (her first grandchild) were born on thee 4th of July!

Chatty Crone said...

That was such a pretty package. Disco's birthday is the 4th. lol So I hope you had a great week.

diane stetson said...

George M. Cohan was born on the Fourth of July. I didn't know him though...ha ha ha
FYI John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died on that date I think....the same day if I remember my history.


Perfect bow for the occasion. LOVE it.

Sandra said...

My youngest son was born on the fourth of July. He always thought all the festivities were special for his birthday. (wink) He always got presents that were Red, White and Blue. It was fun while he was young!

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