Thursday, August 25, 2016

Scenes from Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport, Massachusetts, is a delightful town on the sea that is a summer destination for hundreds of people.

We recently came back from a few days in this charming place.

Yes, it's a bit touristy in the summer but I still love it.

It's quaint, picturesque and quintessentially New England in style.

We stayed, once again, at Captain Bounty by the Sea, which is right on a lovely beach.

Yes, the water was very chilly but quite refreshing on a hot, summer's day.

The shops along a main street are filled with all kinds of doodads and the view of the ocean at the end of the street is breathtaking.

Ahhhhhh, Rockport. It stole a part of my heart.

We will have other posts on Rockport so, if interested, stay tuned.



Sandi said...

So beautiful and picturesque!

baili said...

beach is so gorgeous and you did great job by capturing it so beautifully dear

Chatty Crone said...

Well that looked WONDERFUL. I wish I could see it some day for myself.

diane.stetson said...

Rockport looks so inviting in the summer heat. I am so lucky to have the Pacific ocean so close to me. I have a favorite spot in Dana Point that I LOVE to go to in the heat of summer and just sit on a bench and watch God's glory.

Anonymous said...

My MIL goes to Rockport. She's painted that red barn on the water several times! I feel like I've been there myself! We're from MI and people here usually head south, but they head to Rockport.

Barbara Neubeck said...

.. I loved all your photos of Rockport, Susan.... I really love the blue door... it looks like a lovely peaceful place to holiday ..or live there.. xxx
After reading about the Sweet Annie wreath you posted... I'm going to try and find some and plant it.. xxxxxx
..have a good day .... Barb xxxx

Babs said...

Lovely pictures. My favorite place is Ogunquit, Maine. My second favorite place is the Connectcut/Rhode Island shore. Nausett Beach on the Cape rounds it out for #3. I live to explore new places too! VAry my exoeriences a little. There is a new hotel on the Northshore I would like to visit. 🐳The ocean ANYWHERE gives me true soul relaxation....transforms my inner self. 🦀 I am a seafood lover too!!!!

Babs said...

Guess I can't edit my get the picture, I am sure!!!

Miss Jane said...

One of my great-grandmothers was from Rockport so when I saw your post on Aiken House & Gardens I had to check it out immediately. Thank you for sharing all the lovely photos! I look forward to visiting Rockport in the future.

All the best


looks like a quaint place to visit.

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