Saturday, May 25, 2019

Heaven-sent Fragrance

The fragrance of lilacs propels me back to childhood.

There were many lilac bushes in the neighborhood back then.

All of us kids did our share of burying our faces into those fragrant lavender blossoms and sniffing their sweet scent. 

As a young mother of two small children and no money, I became rich every spring when the lilacs bloomed.

I'd put big vases filled with lilacs in every room of the house.  Ohhhhh, it was heavenly.

Recently, my cousin had a beautiful bouquet of lilacs and daffodils on a lace-covered table in her front hallway.

A beloved little friend gifted me recently with lilacs, too!  Mmmmmmm. The kitchen smells so divine.

The green vase filled with lilacs, (shown below), is on a table in our front hallway.

Gorgeous and very stunning cut glass candleholders, gifted to me from my daughter and her family for Mother's Day, flank each side of the vase.


diane stetson said...

Love your new "header" Susan and love lilacs. We do not have them where I live but I remember them from my childhood in Massachusetts and I love their smell and color especially the purple ones.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your lilacs look so pretty arranged in all the different vases. I especially like the green vase. That one caught my eye, maybe because of the green and purple combination. I can smell your Lilacs from here, Susan.

Have a restful weekend, dear friend.


Chatty Crone said...

I do know they smell good and are beautiful!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

What do I know about lilacs?

I know they smell wonderful. I love when you catch their fragrance on the breezes and when you stoop to bury your face in the boughs.

I know they are one of Spring's joys and gifts.

I know they can live a long time and not worry if any human is tending to them, growing tall and wide, filling, as you said, boulevards with their heady gift.

Thanks for those lovely pictures of the lilac bouquets in your house. So pretty.

Wishing you a beautiful day, Susan.
Brenda xox

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