Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Enchanting Place to Visit in Bennington, Vermont

People who have a fascination with dollhouses and dolls would swoon over a visit to the  Dollhouse and Toy Museum of Vermont in Bennington. 

Below are Elvis dolls!:

Located in a darling house, built in 1860,  on the corner of Union and Valentine streets, the museum is the dream-come-true of Jackie Marro. 

Everywhere one looks, there is something unique to see including dolls, dollhouses, toys, miniature items, and even a train set, up on the second floor.

A perfectly hospitable and welcoming hostess, Jackie said she and her husband originally bought the house for her elderly parents.

After they passed, Jackie turned the adorable abode into a museum featuring her huge collection of dollhouses.  

One even sees things never anticipated, like the little duck shown below:

There is a lot to see in the two story museum.

Writing Straight from the Heart will feature several aspects of the museum in future posts.

So if you love dollhouses and dolls, stay tuned.


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