Monday, December 2, 2019

First Major Winter Storm of 2019

Oh boy.  Ol' Man Winter sure paid us a visit overnight into today and he's sticking around, at least until tomorrow.

The photos in this post were taken looking out from the front hall window last night.

When the front door opened this morning, it looked out into a quiet, cold, and very white wonderland.

Hubs uses a snow shovel to remove the white stuff. 

A broom, to sweep it out in layers, works better for me.

It was at least an hour's worth of good exercise.

A decoration with poor Santa, out on the front porch, is buried under a heavy coat of snow.

This kind of weather makes perfect sense of the words in the song "Winter Wonderland"------"Oh the weather outside is frightful."

Well, actually, to a native New Englander, it's kind of pretty!  Ha!




the first snow of the season is nice to look at, like you said. but i'd hate to be out and about in it. too cold and at times difficult to drive in. stay warm and be safe. i bet we're in for a rough winter.

Patti said...

You did indeed get a dumping of snow. It really IS pretty. I just hate to drive in it.

Chatty Crone said...

You did get snow - is that looking out your front porch - you live in a very pretty little neighborhood there. Love, sandie (BRRRRRRRR by the way).

Kit said...

Oh how pretty! We got some snow on Saturday. I sat on the couch under my warm throw and just watched it. I just love it! ❄❄❄ Kit

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Susan, this was wonderful to see, cause we don't get the snow here. It is getting pretty cold though. It does look like a winter wonderland looking outside your home. So pretty.


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