Thursday, November 18, 2021

A Touch of Class...

  It's great to visit homes that reflect the owners' individual styles and tastes.

My friend, Marilyn, has the mark of a true and talented interior decorator.

She had a gathering of dear friends for dinner the other day.

Seeing her beautiful table settings and how she arranged everything was a treat in themselves.  

 On the kitchen center counter, there was a huge crackle-topped mirror that had another mirror on top of it.  

Strands of silver beads gave everything a regal look.

 Everywhere one looked in Marilyn's home there was something beautiful to see.

It was a great dinner party and today, days later, I'm still thinking of all those charming decorations and my friend's fabulous knack at putting them all together.

The food was delicious, too!



diane stetson said...

Looks like your friend has a knack for entertaining and decorating just like you Susan.

Kit said...

Everything looked lovely!! Very well done. That table was gorgeous! I am glad you had fun. 😊 Kit

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