Thursday, January 6, 2022

In the Heart of Winter

 Here in western Massachusetts, we are in the heart of winter.

As temps dipped into the single digits the other night, Jack Frost came to do some art work on the windows.

 As most people slept, snug and warm under several layers of blankets, quilts, and flannel sheets, ol' Jack made stunningly beautiful icy "paintings" on the windows.

The following morning, when the lace curtains in the bedroom were pulled aside, the crystal-looking exhibition proved to be quite incredible.

 The intricacy of the designs, sparkling like a million diamonds,  proved breathtaking but short-lived.

 In a few hours, the brilliant sunshine, surviving despite it being 18 degrees outside, wiped away the icy canvases.

More will appear, no doubt, before winter's end.



diane stetson said...

HA HA HA....That is one gift of Mother Nature that I do not want.....

Red Rose Alley said...

Yes, the gifts are truly amazing. I love to see the snowflakes on the window of my car when I go outside, but it soon defrosts when I start the car. The icy windows in your house are so pretty, Susan. How nice you got pictures of it. I like the second picture of the snowflakes with the dark blue night in the distance. It looks cold there, but so wonderful.


Nellie said...

We don’t usually witness frost on our windows. Tonight, however, our low temperature is predicted to be in the low teens! Very cold for us here. We’ve had a light snowfall today; very pretty to watch.

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