Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The Tiniest of Floral Bouquets Bring Enchantment

                        (Tiny pink roses in an Italian thimble, found in a thrift shop!)

Flowers are among life's purest forms of happiness.

They make a person feel good and are almost guaranteed to cause smiles.

 Their colors, fragrances, and uniqueness all add to their appeal.

How about floral bouquets that are no bigger than your thumb?

They are alluring, too!  

 Faux flowers in the world of miniatures add to life's joys.

The tiny red glass pitchers that can be seen above are from a very dear late blog friend,  Claudia. 

Her nickname was "Bookie."

 When she was a child, she used to look into her grandmother's dispay case and yearn for those red glass pitchers, no bigger than a finger nail.

When her grandmother died, Bookie got the coveted pitchers from her childhood!

Then, tragically, before Bookie lost her own battle with cancer, she sent the red pitchers to me!  

Thank you, dear Bookie. I still miss you greatly. 

Once, on a trip to the beach, a church thrift shop beckoned. 

I went in, found and bought a glass and brass knick knack rack that was to become a display cabinet to miniature flower arrangements.

Some "planters" I made out of toothpaste tube tops and the smallest possible flowers.

 Others, came from an online shopping paradise called WISH. 

Those arrangements came from China or Thailand and are exquisite enough to take one's breath away.

 This past weekend, all of the arrangements got removed from the rack so it could get a good cleaning. 

Now, it's sparkling again and the little arrangements are bringing big enjoyment!



diane stetson said...

I got a real floral bouquet this week from my daughter for my birthday and I'm really enjoying it. I know you love miniatures and your little floral arrangements are adorable.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your glass knick knack rack is delightful, Susan. That's the first thing that I noticed, and putting your miniature flowers in there is a creative idea. I'm sorry to hear about your blog friend, and what a special gift she gave you with the red glass pitchers. I'm looking through all your flower pots, and of course, my favorite was the blue and white Italian thimble. Such a sweet post, Susan.


Linda O'Connell said...

I miss Claudia, too. I didn't know that about the red pitchers. I am so happy you are the guardian of those small treasures.

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