Monday, May 2, 2022

Old Cemeteries

  As strange as it seems, my late mother loved cemeteries.

She enjoyed walking around and reading verses and biographical information on headstones.

 She did this even when traveling outside the country. 

The cemetery was one of the first places she asked to visit!

Granted, there is something extremely interesting in reading headstones, particularly old ones.

 However, when cemeteries start to disintegrate and stones are left to lean or crumble onto the ground, it makes me very sad.

After all, each stone represents a human being who once walked this earth.  

Every tombstone deserves to be treated respectfully and the person it represents remembered.

 The cemetery photographed in this post needs work. 

While I would not particularly want to walk through a cemetery alone at night,  my vote goes to keep graves clean and cared for.



Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, I left a comment earlier, but I guess it got eaten up haha. I can relate to your Mom's thoughts on the cemetery. I find them to be a peaceful place. I really miss visiting the old cemetery and seeing my mom and dad. I know many loved ones who rest there, and used to drive by their sites also. This cemetery looks very old, but the grass is nice and green. Your words are special about being respectful of the grounds. My dad taught me that at a very young age.


diane stetson said...

As a child living right near a cemetery, I walked through it many times even at night coming home from the park where my high school band played at football games. We walked there during the day also. It is such a peaceful place.

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