Saturday, September 24, 2022

An Explosion of Color on the Dining Room Buffet

 One fall decoration I really hoped would be found in the sea of boxes from a major move is a big bouquet of fall faux flowers.

Found it!

Years ago, it was my best purchase at a yard sale for less than $10. 

Some of the single flowers in the bouquet could cost that much!

 Nearby on the buffet is an ooo lah lah candy dish.

 The three local grands love carefully lifting the fancy top and helping themselves to the treats the dish holds.

Fall is most definitely my favorite season. 

Wishing you a lovely fall weekend. 

Like the candy in the glass dish, make it sweet!

 Make Saturday  and Sunday the very best possible days that you can muster!



Red Rose Alley said...

Your Fall flowers looks bright and pretty on your buffet. I'm glad you found them in your boxes. And that candy sure looks Yummy for the little ones. There's nothing like those bright orange candy pumpkins, and I just bought some recently. That candy dish is so pretty too. I'm so glad you are decorating and making your place cozy for the Fall season. It's my favorite season too.

Have a blessed weekend, Susan.


Linda O'Connell said...

Oh definitely fall for me. I enjoy sitting outside to read. I love the cool breezy mornings and warm afternoons, the colors, the hint of woodsmoke from those eager to have their first fire pit or fireplace fire. Fall it is! Your display is pretty.

diane stetson said...

I wish it were fall here. 90 plus for today and the next five days. I do love fall though whenever it will get here. I enjoy looking at your fall decorations. So glad you are making your new place inviting.

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