Sunday, September 18, 2022

An Important Reminder

Moving out of a house and into an apartment is traumatic.

A house is much more than four walls, doors, and windows.

It's a place where memories have been made over many years.

Some of the people who visited, laughed at parties, and enjoyed your company are now gone to the other side of life.

So leaving that home is fraught with piercings of the heart.

This summer has been comprised of getting rid of hundreds of items, giving hundreds more to charity, and saving others (still too much and more downsizing to come.)

When I lifted the above ceramic tile out of one of the eight million boxes, bins, and bags piled a mile high, it made me so happy.

This little sign had a place in the old house kitchen for 18 years!

Now it's in the apartment but a permanent place for it has not yet been established.

Its message is still incredibly relevant, though, and I hope He really will bless our home and yours as well!


diane stetson said...

OH Susan, I have a plaque that sits on my refrigerator that says the exact same thing. I hope God will bless your new apartment with lots of love.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh Susan, what a beautiful post this morning. I really like that blue ceramic tile, and the words are incredibly special. I'm so glad you found it right after you moved in. That's so special. I know what you mean about old memories. I remember having Jess' wedding shower at my old house with relatives and friends. We had dear moments shared there, but now we will have to make new memories in our new places. Enjoy your little ceramic tile as you walk by it every day. And may God bless your home and mine. : )


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