Thursday, September 22, 2022



Days are getting a little cooler and dark is falling earlier. 

Those are two signs of fall-in-the-air.

Inside the newly moved-into apartment, bags, boxes, and plastic totes are still piled high and unopened.  

Moving is a bear. 

Many were lost in the move or are still missing among the unopened containers,  but some I managed to retain! Yippah!

 A couple of things came out of storage and made a lovely little vignette on a small cabinet in the bathroom.  

My daughter brought over a little bouquet of bright fall flowers from her garden in a tiny pitcher and those definitely joined the scene.

The wall art is a page from a Mary Engelbreit

calendar. It is fun saving calendar pages and laminating them. 

Mary is a fabulous artist and I love her style of art.



Red Rose Alley said...

Susan, that looks like a Mary Engelbreit calendar page, and I try to find her calendars every year, as they are so delightful. The bright flowers your daughter brought over are so thoughtful, and really look like Fall. And that's a cute girl figurine with the leaves. I'm glad you have started decorating for Fall in your new home. I know you have lots more to do, but these little things make a difference and add a special coziness to your place. Yes, I decorated also - don't have much Fall stuff, but like you, the things I have, I love. I'm glad it's getting cooler there too. : )


diane stetson said...

Very pretty fall things Susan. Tomorrow is the first day of fall but here temps will be in the 90s for several days this weekend and beyond. It's hard to think of fall when it's that hot.
Enjoy your fall weather. I'll see you soon.

Linda O'Connell said...

Oh yes. The scarecrows are on the lawn. Indoors will wait a week or two. Enjoying your oictures.

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