Saturday, January 21, 2023

Another Doll Baby

 Hello sweet blog peeps....

Hope everyone is doing okay surviving these long and chilly winter days. 

 That is, if you are in a place where the sun doesn't shine too much in winter and it's a cold climate.

Today's post is about another sweet doll baby that tugs at my heart.

 That's fair warning so that if dolls are not your thing, you can skip this post and come back to visit another day.

The little sweetheart shown has a brightly colored outfit and pitch black hair in pigtails.

 The expression on her face is a combination of scared and surprised.  

She wears a velveteen turquoise top and a multi-colored very intricately patterned skirt. 

Even her shoes are totally unique.

She has a porcelain face and hands and a cloth body. So sweet!

Around her neck is a necklace of little white bird figures that are possibly carved out of shells.

 No matter where she gets moved in my bedroom, she never, ever fails to bring joy.


Red Rose Alley said...

She's darling, Susan. Such thick black hair, and a sweet face. I like her velvet top. Yes, she does have an expression of "surprise" on her face. Her eyes are so brown and pretty. So glad you kept her too. Your dolls always delight me. : )

Have a blessed Sunday, dear friend.


Linda O'Connell said...

Those dollsseem to have personalities, don't they?

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