Monday, January 23, 2023

Small Music Box Makes It a "Beautiful Morning..."


If ever there were to be another collection in the course of a lifetime, it would be music boxes.

They are quite magical.

While moving two times in the past six months,  many personal collections got shaken up, given away, or stuffed into a storage unit.  

A few items made it with me into a temporary place to stay.

One is a rather rat-a-tat music box.

However, it is small and must have gotten tucked from a former apartment bookshelf, into a shopping bag, with not much thought.

It plays "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" and the sounds are crystal clear and exceedingly pleasant to hear.

The word "Reuge" is printed inside on part of the playing mechanism.

Looked it up and every indication is that it's from Switzerland.

On the top of the petite box is a yellow flower with green stem and leaves. So pretty!

It has four tiny "legs" to stand on. 

However, it's in rough shape with nicks and a missing strip of wood inside. 

Still, it has been redeemed by its very beautiful music.

 Any item that can make a person smile, during its rendition of having a "beautiful morning," is worth saving!



diane stetson said...

Oh I have a little music box collection. I love music boxes. Some of the songs are Fur Elise, Amazing Grace, Memories, Away in a Manger, The Blue Danube Waltz. I like your little music box and if you ever want to part with it just mail it to me ..ha ha ha

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I love music boxes. They are one of my favorite things. I have a special one Mia gave me that plays "la vie en rose." And a few Christmas globes, which play music. Music boxes are so delightful, and they make me smile too, Susan. Your music box sounds like it brings you joy just listening to it. It looks so vintage, and sometimes the marked up and broken items are the most special. : )


Anne Robinson said...

Beautiful photos. We are sitting in a deep freeze that will be worse this weekend. I am a bit tired of the cold. We have so much sunshine and lately the sun has been hiding away. I love music boxes and yours appears to be so special. I always appreciate your posts and your shares. I hope I will be able to think of some posts to share at my blogs. Have a beautiful weekend.

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