Sunday, February 26, 2023

Lift Up Your Spirit


Happy Sunday!

Today, let's talk about ways we can lift our spirits.

These are things we do when life's difficulties weigh us down.

Everyone goes through good times as well as hard times.

The best part of the hard times is realizing they do not last.

Most things we worry about are not permanent and we can adjust to those that are.

Good times will come again.

But when a dark cloud hovers over us and the heart sinks, there are things one can do to lift the spirit.

Here is an abbreviated list of some of mine.

You can make your own list of things that will lift your spirit.

    1. Play beautiful music. I love listening to Andrea Bocelli, Eva Cassidy, Gaither Singers,Vince Gill, and Josh Groban, to name just a few.

    2.  Go to Netflix and pick out a good movie to watch.

    3.  Think of all the kinds of flowers you plan to buy in the spring, to put in pots and window boxes.

    4. Pray for others who are also going through hard times. Lifting someone else up always results in lifting one's self.

       Also, ask others to pray for you.

    5. Go out to breakfast with a friend. It's cheaper than going out to lunch or dinner and it's great to spend time with a dear friend.

    6. Take a nap. Cover up with a soft  quilt, up to your chin, and lay your head against several soft pillows.

 7. Have some hot herbal tea, like country peach, and a couple of cookies or crackers.

    8.  Call a friend or family member and chat.

    9.   Clean a room in your home or apartment. Make it look beautiful. If it's a bedroom, fluff the pillows and straighten out the bedspread.

   10.  Go to the supermarket and buy yourself some flowers. They do not need to cost a lot of money. Put them in a pretty vase on a table near your bed or on a kitchen table where you can see them frequently.

   11. Make an appointment to have a pedicure or have your hair done. Both work wonders for the spirit.

    12. Take a little walk, if possible, or do some kind of exercise. Moving helps lift the spirit.



Red Rose Alley said...

This is a wonderful list, Susan, and I also do some of these things as well. Peach tea is one of my favorites. And flowers are always cheerful when we buy them for ourselves. I must do that soon. And Netflix.....that's my go to place right now, since I don't have cable. Thanks for the reminder to call my sister. I've been meaning to do that. ; )


*I sent you an e-mail. I wondered if you could share the Novena Prayer to Saint Joseph. : )

Anonymous said...

Today I had breakfast out with dear friends from my church. I had strawberry and cream cheese filled French Toast. Just delicious. They bought me lavender tulips as it was a late birthday celebration. That really lifted my spirits.

ashok said...

Uplifting post !

Linda O'Connell said...

Susan you are so positive and inspiring for others. I hope you have a blessed week.

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