Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday Blessings


 Today is the fourth Sunday of Lent on the Christian calendar.

Lent includes the 40 days of preparation, fasting, and sacrifice before glorious Easter.

Easter, of course, marks remembrance of Christ rising from the dead, three days after a brutal crucifixion.  

In many Christian churches, priests wear rose-colored attire today which represents the joy which is to come on Easter.

Today is called Laetare Sunday. 

"Laetare" is a Latin word that actually means "rejoice."

Here's hoping your day will be filled with many good things including flashes of joy. 

The little bunny attached to the plate in the photo above makes me smile.

She reminds that even when one's plate is not full, one can be happy!



diane stetson said...

Having lunch with a dear friend, watching a movie on Netflix, seeing the sunshine, chatting with my daughter and also with my son. All of these things make me happy .

Red Rose Alley said...

That is nice that you acknowledge this day on your blog post, Susan. I'm familiar with all the Purple during the Lent season. It's beautiful to me. But I wasn't familiar with the Rose being worn today. And the bunny plate is too cute, love that. : )

Have a good week ahead, dear friend. I zoomed with the girls this morning, and it was wonderful until I see them soon.


Linda O'Connell said...

We were sittingon the patio when we heard someone. What a nice surprise our 23 year old granddaughter stopped by on her bike. That made our day!

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