Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Learning to Let Go....

Once, many years ago, my late hubs and I bought a big, beautiful artificial plant/tree in Pier One Imports.

We loved it from the get-go.  

At the time we had a RAV 4 with an opening in the roof. 

The huge plant stuck way out of the opening and that's how we drove home from the store.

For many years, the big boy plant filled an entire corner of our front entry Colonial home's living room.

The plant, a real beauty, was a dead ringer for real plant.

Many people who visited our home wondered how I kept the plant alive and looking so beautiful. It always made me chuckle.

Today, my beloved husband is gone, the Rav 4 is long gone, and as of today, the plant is gone, too.

I placed the plant on Facebook Marketplace and it sold quickly.

Admittedly, the plant way wayyyyyy too big for the new apartment.

So today, with sadness in my heart combine with happiness, it was sold and going to a new home.

 I bid goodbye to the big boy.

I am so happy the plant is going to a huge home that can accommodate it and to another mom who appears to be kind and loving. 

Goodbye, sweet plant. It was just another lesson in learning how to let go.

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diane stetson said...

How nice to have someone to enjoy your plant in their big home. I know they will cherish it as much as you did.

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