Friday, February 9, 2024

A Special Gift...



Sometimes in life, we all need to lift our own spirits.

It's called self-love and it's important in order to live quality lives.

Valentine's Day is coming up. 


For those who have lost a loved one, or have no one special to love, the need to be kind to one's self is even stronger.

Everyone needs some self-love, once in awhile.

In the supermarket, one of a very favorite flowering plant, hyacinth, looked absolutely lush in the flower department.

 (This lovely heart decoration is near the beautiful hyacinth, creating a heartfelt combination.)

On display were even pink ones and pink is an absolute favorite color. 

Placing the flowering hyacinth in the shopping cart brought immediate happiness.

The flourishing beauty sat on the table near the bed.  

 The fragrance wafting in the air brought immediate smiles.

During the day, pink hyacinth comes back to the living room to perfume the air and bring peace and love to the heart.



diane stetson said...

Oh I have a pink hyacinth out on my patio growing right now. I love it. I am going to go out to a movie with my sister today in the real theater and get out of the house after a week's worth of rain. YAY.

Red Rose Alley said...

Your flowers are pretty, Susan, and a wonderful way to remind yourself how special you are. I still have the LOVE felt ornament that looks very similar to yours. To answer your question, for me it is candles or home items or chocolate. Chocolate always makes my heart smile. : )


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