Monday, April 29, 2024

The Joy of Living

 Somehow, some way, one often equates the word "joy" with Christmas.

We hear a lot about joy at that time of year but not often enough  other times of the year. 

But this post refers to joy NOW, not just at Christmas time.

The joyous angel plaque at the top of this post hangs in the kitchen of my little sister. 

If not mistaken, I think another sister painted it.

So it made me think what is bringing me joy now, in this moment.

Well, for one thing, there's a new bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter. 

It's a happy bouquet and yes, it brings me joy.

Another source of joy this afternoon has been eating delicious Lebanese food for lunch.  Mmmmmmm, YUM.

A few other joy-givers;

1) Two of my favorite dolls, freshly out of storage after a couple of years, sitting on a chair and a couch. They are so darned pretty.

2) Keeping the front door of the apartment open, with a large artificial tree in front of the glass, for privacy.

3) Having a day with no rain. Even though overcast, it's warmer and beautiful out

4) Listening to a truly gorgeous song, written by a niece about her late little brother.  Even though it made me weep profusely, it brought great joy to my heart, too.

5) Having the ability to sit in a recliner chair for a bit and take a very short power nap.

6) Having the privilege of driving to a supermarket, pharmacy, or anywhere not too far in  distance.

There you have it!---six sources of joy in less than a minute.

Thanks, so much.

Now, can you share three things you are grateful for right now.



diane stetson said...

Bright sunshine after many weekends of rain and no rain predicted.
Delicious stuffed cabbages for dinner that I made last week.
Six gorgeous white lilies in bloom on my dining room table.

Shug said...

Great post full of positive vibes. The sunshine giving my flowers a boost today, has made me happy.....receiving text today from our California kids gave my heart a lot of happiness......And finding a $20.00 bill in the console of my car (that I did not know was there) made me super happy! Each of these three things brought me a lot of joy.....Thanks for sharing...

Red Rose Alley said...

I'm so thankful I got home safely from my travels and got to see all my family! What a blessing that was. I'm glad that you brought out two of your favorite dolls from storage, Susan. That must have made your heart smile. Lebanese food sounds delicious! Have never had it, and now I want to try it!


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