Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Like Sleeping On a Cloud

Sometimes we get a gift and don't immediately appreciate its value.

Such is the case of the light green sheets. They came in a transparent plastic package with a white handle. My husband brought them home on a plane from Florida, a gift from his elderly sister. She's always worried about his being too cold in the northeast.

When I scanned the label and read the sheets were "fleece," I put them away for safekeeping. Who needs fleece sheets in the spring when daffodils are popping up from the ground?

Now, spring is long gone. The other day, the temperature in our house dropped and I felt my teeth begin to chatter.

"Where did I put those fleece sheets?," I asked myself. Once I found the package, I took out the sheets, washed and dried them, and put them on the bed.

That night, at bedtime, I slipped under the covers and felt like a bird in a warm, soft, secure nest. The wonderously luxurious sheets hugged my body and I drifted off into a deep sleep. "Boing." My eyes opened and it was time to start the day. No way did I want to leave that sumptuously comfy bed. The fleece sheets have turned-out to be one of the best gifts I ever received.

Who would ever have thought I'd wish winter would hurry up and arrive and last forever?

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Diane said...

Now I have had silk sheets and I have had flannel sheets and I have had nice cotton sheets but NEVER had fleece sheets. It's too warm in California for them but sometimes I do like my flannel sheets when it is raining. We have a short winter here....enjoy those soft fluffy cloudy sheets Susan...xo Diane

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