Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Perfect Spot of Tea


Some people are die hard tea-lovers. Englishmen, in particular, swear by their tea consumption.

Give me coffee any day. Guess I'm just not your tea-and-crumpet sort of person. The first time I went to a formal "tea," the cost almost knocked my socks off. The cucumber and creamed cheese sandwiches were so big one could barely see them. The lemon curd came in the tiniest bowl I ever laid eyes on. When we left, my stomach was as empty as my wallet.

Being a persevering person, I've since tried all kinds of different flavored teas. Raspberry is quite tasty, even without sugar. A word to the wise is sufficient. Refrain from adding cream to any berry tea. It immediately curdles and little specks float to the top of the cup. Down the drain it goes.

My favorite teas have come from Celestial Seasonings. This company has many different flavors of herbal tea, which they get from all over the world. Some enhance a good night's sleep. Others have a fragrant aroma and can be drunk without sugar of any kind. These teas are definitely quite palatable and tasty.

Chamomile tea is pleasant tasting as is tropical fruit flavored tea. Tonight in Marshall's I picked up a package of ginger tea. I'm curious how that one will taste.

Green tea is supposed to help burn calories so lately I've been experimenting with drinking it.It tastes better if another flavored tea is mixed with it, like mango or peach. (Actually, I'd rather have a chocolate milkshake.ha ha)
While I honestly could fore go tea for the rest of my life, I love tea sets, particularly in miniature. Several sets sit on a corner nick-knack rack in our home. They are so adorable. The lilliputian people who would sip out of those diminutive cups would, no doubt, enjoy their spot of tea. Some of the cups are as big as the nail on my baby finger.

Adult sized decorative tea cups and pots come in a huge variety of patterns and styles. I have at least a dozen cups and saucers in all styles hanging in a wooden rack on our dining room wall. Luckily, I spotted the rack for $8 at a yard sale when I first began collecting tea cups. As always, I'm so grateful when I find a bargain!

This is one of my doll-sized tea sets, covered with roses.

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Diane said...

Hi Susan,
I'm a total tea drinker..haven't had coffee since college. It makes me very ill when I drink coffee. I love all kinds of tea. Have had some from Ceylon, Scotland and Canada given to me through travels of family and friends. I love every type...herbal or not. I usually love evaporated milk with my black tea in the morning..yum yum. xo Diane

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