Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stuffed Mail Box

It seems that gift catalogs and requests from organizations wanting financial donations fill our mailbox to the brim at this time of year.

As soon as I choose to send a check to a charity, five or more requests for other worthy causes show up within days. Do these charities and mail order companies sell a customer's name to other charities and companies? Hmmmmmm. Makes you wonder.

If I were a millionaire, I might consider giving a donation to every charity that takes the time to ask for help. Who wouldn't like to help orphans, troubled teens, the elderly, or the homeless? Unfortunately, millionaire status evades me like I avoid the Bubonic plague. When extra money does come my way, I'd rather give it directly to someone I know. That way, one knows it's not going to pay office building rent or pad some stranger's pockets.

When it comes to mail order catalogs, they do make great browsing. Love to circle items I'd buy if money were overflowing. It would be great to order lovely fashions, sparkling rings, and add to collections.

As the holidays race toward us, the arrival of the mailman is a bright spot in the day. Bring on the catalogs and the requests for money. Stuff that mailbox til it squeaks. That's one of the best things about November!

Oh goody. Here comes the mailman!


Diane said...

I'd rather give money to someone I know that needs it too...As for advertising and mail order requests they go straight from the mail box to the trash bin at my house. The only thing I keep are my bills and notes from relatives or friends. xo Diane

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I tried to email you my camera info but it bounced back. I have a Canon Rebel Xsi. I bought mine through because they had an easy pay option and I could pay it off over 4 months. I love my camera, it was expensive but worth it!

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