Friday, November 13, 2009

In Memoriam

Today’s post will be short because sorrow has come to visit.

Death came suddenly in the night and took a precious life, young and filled with promise. Those left behind can only hang their heads in disbelief, weeping for all that could have been but never will be. Tragic circumstances have left survivors reeling.

Tonight, somewhere, a mother's heart is breaking.

May this dear soul who died so suddenly rest in peace and know joy and unquenchable happiness in the other realm of life.

Until we meet again, Love Susan


Diane said...

There's nothing sadder than losing a child. The pain never goes away. My grandma lost two children and their names were never far from her lips until she died at age 98....Rest in peace precious soul. xo Diane

Melanie said...

Thanks, Susan for writing about this so beautifully. Many thanks to all of the Pittsfield clan for their beautiful singing at tonight's mass. I have been burning a white candle for young Kenneth since he departed. I know that he has found the peace that eluded him in this life in the other realm. Love the picture you posted! -Melanie

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