Monday, November 16, 2009

The Wonderful World of Blog

For decades, the World of Oz has been pretty wonderful, with Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, and , of course, the Yellow Brick Road. But the World of Oz is nothing compared to the Wonderful World of Blog.

Just slightly more than a month ago, a blurb in the local newspaper told about a free, three-part blog workshop being offered at the library and I immediately signed-up to take it. The term “blog” had come up occasionally and, always being curious, I wanted to find out more about how to write one.

Writing is my passion. It’s just as important to me as breathing so, naturally, I wanted to find out how to blog. Loved every second of the workshops, although, at times, I felt like crying due to not being very techie and feeling so inadequate. The computer world is new territory to this baby boomer and it could be filled with landmines and language that sounded like a cross between Chinese and Swahili.

Like a person ready to jump out of an airplane for the first time, I created a blog and did my first post. What a thrilling experience it turned out to be. That’s when I discovered, like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole, the fascinating world of blogging.

“Where have I been?” I thought to myself, “Hiding under a mushroom somewhere?” Holy “crumbmolie,” the blog world is a whole universe unto itself. Since that fateful beginning, I’ve viewed awe-inspiring blogs from all over the USA, Ireland, South Africa, and on and on across the world! Not a dime has gone into airfare but I have already traveled to several countries. How incredulous!

Bloggers tend to be wonderful, genuinely good people who often help and encourage each other, and generously share their lives through words and, at times, breathtaking pictures.

Humbly, I feel the best of the blog world, as known to me, is yet to come. With all my heart, I want to hear from readers and more and more readers and then MORE readers! I love every single Follower! It's like having someone else believe in your writing efforts. Every morning and evening, (and any available second in between), I check to see how many people paid my blog a visit and to see if there are any more Followers.

Comments are cherished, just to let it be known that someone really is reading Writing Straight From the Heart posts.

Please, if you are reading this, stop for a split second to write a hello comment. You are so welcome here and if you lived near me, I’d send over a loaf of warm banana bread or chocolate chip cookies right from the oven.

Welcome! Come in and stay for awhile! Love, Susan


Diane said...

Hi Susan,
I always write a comment on your reading them. Keep up the good work. I know you love it so much. xo Diane

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Susan:
Welcome; it only get's better the more you post
: )
E-baying, selling on etsy and blogging has been such a joy for me; I have been honored to physically meet several of the ladies. All the way to Boca Raton to Oklahoma to Northern California and beyond : ) It is like in the olden days as people come you talk standing at the fence : ) No separation. Just like having your coffee cup in your hand and enjoying the conversation!!!
Good Fodder for a writer too : )
Believe me I would be the 1st one to accept some banana bread!!!
Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

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