Monday, December 21, 2009

Decor in the Bath, Gives Guests a Laugh!

Every room in the house can benefit from holiday decorating and that includes the "necessary" room. After all, that room usually gets visited many times a day and night by family members, friends, and guests.

Contents of a three-shelf unit in our upstairs bathroom changes with the holidays. At this time of year, a whole variety of eclectic items line the shelves, bringing a bit of charm to visitors of the "necessary room."

A couple of ceramic bears, including one doing somersaults, are there, bringing a bit of laughter.

There's a cheerful Santa with a Christmas tree that's actually a candle top for a candle in a jar.

A two-inch teddy holds a Happy Holidays sign; and still another one, with white "fur," has a tiny horse in front of him. "Santa" bear wears a bright red and white hat from the North Pole. A sweet tin angel shares a shelf with a happy-faced snowman that has red velvet pants on his dangling legs.

A two-inch manger scene, made in Peru is there, too, and some happy wooden gingerbread kids.

The shelves are to the left of the old-fashioned bathroom window, hung with a string of bright, cheery poinsettias, and are proof positive that holiday decor can happen in every room of the house!


diane stetson said...

Now that's better than reading a newspaper while a....well you know..ha ha ha.

Andrea at My Feathered Nest said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my new blog and become a follower. I'll do the same for you. The bathroom is too, too cute! I love the sweet little faces on the decorations! It must make all of your bathroom visitors smile to be surrounded by such cuteness. I love your white bathroom curtain too. I'm looking for a single curtain for my bathroom, as I've changed the whole color scheme recently.

So much to do with Christmas only 4 days away. The worst part for me is the cooking. Although I'm a good cook, I just hate the work and the mess! So much work, then they gobble it down in 15 minutes and then tons and tons of dirty dishes!!!! AND, the leftovers!!!

Again, thanks for visiting me and come back often!!

Merry Christmas!!

Martha's Favorites said...

I love that you decorate even the bathrooms. You are a woman after my own heart. I decorate every room too. I love the pink in your living room and your tree looks wonderful. Have a blessed Christmas! Martha

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