Monday, December 14, 2009


The first thing guests see when they visit one's house is the front door. As a result, the front door to our house appears welcoming this holiday season. It sports a gold and cranberry wreath with a cluster of jingle bells that add a festive and jingly touch when the door opens.

Nearby is a wooden plaque with a little angel who wears her heart on her wing. Her messages to the world are "Christmas Is Love" and "Believe."

There's even a cranberry bow with gold edging that covers the spring flowers painted on the mail-to-go basket.

This is a very chilly time of year in New England so one has to be careful about leaving too many decorations outside on the porch. It can be bright and sunny one minute and near blizzard conditions the next. A Santa I had in a basket of greens had to be moved indoors because the whole thing got covered with snow! So there was Santa, drying off in a puddle near the front hall radiator! He must have felt like the Christmas grinch.

As for the color of our front door, it's non-traditional, like the "woman" of the house-----me! ha! I had an artist paint it black with gold trim and it came out very charming. With the Christmas wreath and the cranberry bow against the black, the scene is, indeed, welcoming. Open doors and open hearts at this time of year make guests feel special.

So, a Merry Holiday to all from our home to yours!


Rebecca said...

I love the colors of your door and felt very welcomed as I visited you today. Non-traditional is my style. I have great admiration for those like you who are creative thinkers.

diane stetson said...

Love it Susan...I put my door wreath up yesterday and also have jingle bells on my door's the season to get festive...enjoy!

Martha's Favorites said...

Beautiful front door and great wreath. I love all the colors. You collect angels, so do I. Not as much as I use to, but still have quite a collection. Thanks for sharing yours, Martha

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