Thursday, February 18, 2010

Food for the Soul!

(If you need a full screen of spring, click on photos to enlarge!)

Every human being needs food for the body in order to survive.

However, it's also important to give food for the soul. Flowers fit that bill!

Today it is my delight to show my Valentine's Day bouquet. Rather than being comprised totally of roses, which doubled in price for the holiday, (the scalawags), this bouquet looks like a breath of springtime.

There is one red rose and a single yellow tulip as well as snow white daisies. (Oh, perish the word "snow." Just make those "pure" white daisies. We do NOT need more snow!)

A really gorgeous part of the bouquet are iris, flowers that remind me so much of my father. Every spring, he'd alert us to the first blooms of iris in the side yard of my childhood home. They are so delicate and exquisite. Their scent is gentle and sweet. They are a very unique looking flower, too. The shade of iris in this bouquet sets the heart on fire with its beauty!

Wish I knew the names of the other flowers in the bouquet but I don't. Maybe some of you flower people out there in blogland can identify some of the flowers. There's a cone-like purple flower and some green ones that look like miniature carnations. Another one in the bouquet looks a little bit like snap dragon. See? I told you I am clueless in the flower naming department.

My husband did a nice job picking out the bouquet and my heart filled with gratitude. (Okay, so it wasn't the new laptop I wanted but do I want to be an ingrate? No way. Plus, there's always Mother's Day!) He also bought a beautiful card with a heartfelt message. What a guy.

So, please, enjoy the beauty of these lovely blooms.

How do you think flowers get their names?


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Susan: What beautiful flowers you got from you hubby. They are precious. I just read your post about you Mama and it touch my heart. I lost my father almost 10 years ago. I still miss him and wish he was here to hug and love me. I know that he is in Heaven and no longer in pain and that helps me. He suffered alot before he died. You are so right, you never stop missing them. Have a wonderful week, dear friend. Martha

diane stetson said...

I got a gorgeous boquet of mixed flowers for my birthday on Jan. 18 and just this week..Feb.15..I threw them away. They lasted that long with flower food in them and changes of water etc. in the vase. They decorated my coffee table in the living room...what a treat it was to see those flowers each day for SO long. Enjoy yours.....xo

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Martha! Oh, loved your visit and sweet comment. I'm so glad you liked the post on my Mummy. Have a beautiful day, Martha. Warmly, Susan

Susan Wicker said...

Hi Di! So glad your flowers lasted so long. Your soul had good food for several weeks! Now, go buy another one for yourself at the supermarket! Always, Susan

Karen Lange said...

Your photos are always so lovely! What a treat:)

Susan Wicker said...

Thanks for the sweet compliment, Karen. I am LOVING my Kodak digital camera. It was a Christmas gift from my husband. It didn't even cost too much! Love the photos it takes. Have a great day! Sincerely, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

Susan - I want you to go back to my blog today and take the Prolific Writer Award - I love your blog, the way you answer back to people, and then ask questions. Let me know if you take it. Sandie

Susan Wicker said...

Hello Sandie. Oh, I would LOVE to take the Prolific Writer Award. It would be such an honor to receive my first award since starting the blog last October. However, as I explained on your blog, Sandie, I don't know how to link anything. I am not very technically savvy. I would need help to do the things the award requires. Could you help me? Let me know. And thanks so much for the visit and comment, also for thinking of me for the award. You are a dear. Sincerely, Susan

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