Friday, March 26, 2010

The Banquet of Life!

(This bouquet of yellow tulips in a cobalt blue vase was given by my daughter and son-in-law! I found it on the table in the front hall. It was a nice surprise!)

What makes life a banquet?

Each person would, no doubt, compile a list different from the next guy. We are, after all, individuals with distinct opinions, personalities, tastes.

Here are some things that make my life a banquet:

1. My faith in Almighty God who takes care of all of life's details!
2. My husband
3. Our son and daughter, both grown-up now, and both super individuals
4. My family including sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces,(their children) and nephews
5. My beloved parents who wait for me on the other side
6. Extended family including our "kids'" partners and many, many foster children
7. Friends, both long-time and new
8. Our home
9. My blog and all the great fellow bloggers I've met these past months
10. Eyesight
11. Hearing
12. Ability to walk
13. Teeth to bite into succulent, medium rare filet mignon
14. My car
15. Writing, writing, writing, writing, writing (and reading, too!)
16. A sense of humor
17. Music
18. Art
19. Flowers
20. Good quality perfume
21. Delicious food
22. Dolls
23. Flea markets, yard and estate sales
22. Books and used bookstores
23. Sunshine
24. Swimming and aqua aerobics
25. Bright colors
27. My Honey Cat, a 15 year old grandmother
28. Warm, fleece sheets in winter
29. Our fireplace
30. Lace curtains
31. Day trips
32. My camera and photography
33. My dollhouse and miniatures hobby
34. Christmas first, then all other holidays
35. Surprises
36. My cell phone
37. My cranberry glass and crystal collections
38. My husband's computer that I use
39. The new laptop that he is going to buy me (someday)
40. Memories

Wow! What a feast! Can't wait to see what's for dessert!



Joan said...

Hi Susan,
I'm visiting you by way of Leann at The Old Parsonage. I like your post today. More of us should stop and ask what makes up happy.
You asked Leann about Rudolph Day. If you visit this link, I give an explanation in my February post about RD. I own a Hallmark store, and I really get bogged down with Christmas so this trick helps me to do a little bit of family Christmas prep ahead of time.

Stop in to see me at Applejack Lane if you have a few moments.

Joan @ Applejack Lane

Jennifer Shirk said...

Wow! Amen! what a wonderful list!! I'd add my slipper socks and a good cup of coffee to that list! :)

Chatty Crone said...

You have a great list - how about a good cup of hot tea, blanket, book, and fireplace.

Anonymous said...

How sweet of your daughter. You sure raised a loving, caring young lady. That's a great list. I see that you put 'good health' in caps. I sure do, too.

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Love the combination of yellow tulips and a cobalt blue vase!

My list wouldn't fit in this comment box. I'm a blessed woman. :)


Martha's Favorites said...

Susan: I do not know how to add a button to your blog. I always ask Sares, a fellow blogger to do it for me. Maybe you can ask someone you have met that knows how? Ladies are so nice in blogland. I just looked at your followers. You might want to consider asking Jenny Matlock. She is a sweet heart and has offered to do things for me as well. Have a great day! Blessings my dear friend, Martha

Dianne said...

Lovely list... Mine includes my family and friends, art, wildflowers... any flowers, my dog, Fred, riding my motorcycle... I'll have to think on it some more...

Anonymous said...

I love and agree with your entire list! wow!

One can never tire of coming home to a surprise floral arrangement! for sure!
you must be a darling mum who is dearly loved!

ciao bella

have a nice friday night

Susan said...

Hello Girls! Thank you all SO MUCH for your visits and comments. Loved reading them after coming in from a very busy day.

Remember to make life a banquet every single day! It's up to us to make our lives good!

Sincerely, Susan

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