Saturday, March 6, 2010

Delicate Artistry in Glass...

One of the best aspects of traveling to different places is seeing the arts and crafts of a particular area.

The next best thing is buying something to take home. Then, once it's placed in your house, every time you see it, you can recall when and how you bought it. Traveling results in great memories.

On a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico, I loved the beach, the sun, the mariachi musicians, the food, and the Mexican arts and crafts. They tend to be very colorful.

One morning, in a little shop on the side of a road, artisans hung dozens of stained glass pieces outside. Many of the pieces reflected the bright, overhead sun, and prisms formed. It was like being surrounded by intense beauty in every direction.

My heart started to beat faster as I looked at such intricately done pieces of stained glass, an all time favorite art form. Then I saw the most gorgeous glass imaginable, a pink and transparent piece. It had a floral design in the middle. Admiring it, I decided to check out the other selections. No matter how many times I walked away from that piece of stained glass, my feet always came back to it. That's how I decided it was destined to become mine!

Today, it hangs in our living room window. It's thousands of miles away from its place of origin but it's still held up quite well. From sunny Mexico to frigid New England, the piece of stained glass continues to bring a feeling of peace and appreciation for handmade artistry, every time I look at it. Pink, my favorite color, lines the sides of it, perfectly matching many pink accents in the room. Honestly, buying that piece of stained glass holds no regrets of any kind and I truly appreciate the artist who put it together.



diane stetson said...

The only stained glass I see usually is in a church...I don't own any but I'm sure this piece brings you lots of nice memories...Things like this would cause havoc in an earthquake prone place where I live..

Susan said...

Hi Di...Ha! What wouldn't cause havoc when an earthquake hits? Everything would be kaputski. Hope you have a great day. Enjoy the Chopin concert! Always, Susan

Linda said...

It is beautiful and what a wonderful piece of art for your home. Lovely memories.

Andrea at My Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Susan,
I don't own any stained glass, but I definitely admire it in churches in my town. It's always so much prettier inside the church with the sun shining through. You were very blessed to purchase your pretty stained glass piece and get it home safely. It must have been packed well...tee hee!

Susan said...

Hi Linda. So happy you stopped by and commented. You are right, the stained glass piece on today's blogs brings lovely memories. Sincerely, Susan

Susan said...

Hi Andrea: Yes, Andrea, I am very blessed to have my stained glass piece. Also blessed to have you stop by to visit and comment. I appreciate all my followers so much! Sincerely, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

I love stain glass - but it is a bit pricey! It's nice though that everytime you look at it - you have those fabulous memories.


Susan said...

Hi Sandie...Yes, stained glass can be pricey. If you really love a piece, though, I think it's worth it. Thanks for stopping by! Sincerely, Susan

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