Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Fantasy Church

One of the most unique Easter decorations ever is a ceramic church that gives new meaning to the word non-traditional! Since today is Sunday, and many people attend church, including me, would like to share it with you.

Done in pastel colors, the little church sparkles with glitter. It has Easter eggs for bushes at its base and carrots along its roof! Yes! It has a row of carrots growing right along the top of its roof. There are also rows of tulips and hearts!

Flowers are also in each of the church's windows and more carrots at the top of each window! Could this church have been meant for bunnies? (Who ever heard of a holy rabbit?)

There are even a small stained "glass" windows on the front and sides of the steeple.

The church is ready to welcome any peanut-sized rabbits around here who want to attend services.



BECKY said...

Hi Susan. You are right about the sparkly church! It is unique, cute, almost kind of funny and certainly makes me smile! You mentioned "holy rabbits"....Well, they certainly do go forth and multiply, don't they?! :)
We have our family Easter the day before, because of other members' plans. We usually have a Honey Baked Ham and my daughters-in-law all bring side dishes. It's an easy "kitchen day" for me

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest thing. I do believe it's a church for bunnies. Reminds me of Hansel and Gretel's house of candy. It's really pretty. I was looking at your bunnies from your earlier post. Those are so cute! I'm glad you saved that really cute one from the thrift store. The eyes are adorable. I've been picking up bunnies from the thrift stores, too. The prices sure beats Hobby Lobby's!

Chatty Crone said...

Love the bunny church. So cute. You're house must be beautiful.

On Easter my grandson goes to the ex's side - so it will be the 3 of us - we'll go to church and out to dinner!

What are you going to do?


Susan said...

Hi Girls!

Becky. You are so funny! Bunnies definitely go forth and multiply. ha ha ha ha ha Love your new picture, by the way! So glad you came by.

Hi Rosie. Glad you came by while I was at church. Nice, always, to have you visit and comment.

Hello Sandie. Hope your day is awesome. Have FUN!

Again, thanks so much for visiting, girls. Have a good afternoon. Sincerely, Susan

middle child said...

Actually, on second glance, this looks a bit like a gingerbread house! Decorated with frosting and such. Pretty neat.

Susan said...

Hi Middle Child! Thanks for your visit and comment. Take care and come back soon. Sincerely, Susan

BECKY said...

Hey Susan! Thanks! Glad you like my goofy picture. I decided it's definitely the one to stick with. I also have it on my facebook page!

Susan said...

Cool, Becky. Very cool. Loved it. Sincerely, Susan

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