Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Rainbow of Colored Glass?

(These green glass pieces line a windowsill in our pantry.)

Happy St. Patrick's Day to anyone who has a drop of Irish blood running through their veins! Even though not Irish, I try to wear the color green on this day. Also, green glass is among my favorite and I have several pieces of that, too!

A dear friend in Arizona collects glass in several different shades.

She displays a particular color of glass according to the month. For instance, near Easter time, out come boxes filled with gorgeous amethyst colored glass. She places pieces on her fireplace mantel, windowsills, and throughout the living room.

When July draws near, red and cobalt blue glass gets displayed. Amber glass comes out in the fall.

She keeps all of her glass collections in boxes in a shed in her backyard. It's a lot of work hauling all those boxes out but seeing the very beautiful glass pieces sparkling in the light makes it all worthwhile.

Of course, she has to pack everything up and put it away when it comes time for a new color of glass!

I loved visiting this dear friend because she's such good company, but I also loved seeing what color glass collection she had up!

My favorite colors of glass include amber, cobalt blue, cranberry, and green. Turquoise would be beautiful to collect, as well as amethyst. Heck, a whole rainbow of glass would be nice. Of course, deep red would be perfect for Christmas time.

Ugh oh. Better taper the "wants" as one thing our house does not need is more collections. However, having glass in several shades would be fun! Sometimes the thought of having my own thrift shop to sell things in is very appealing!

Now doesn't the idea of collecting different colors of glass, to display on glass shelves in front of windows, make you want to hit the yard sales?



Chatty Crone said...

Well, I am part Irish, but that is not why my favorite color is green - I just love Kelly green.

Those bottles are beautiful!


Susan said...

Hi Sandie! I didn't know your favorite color was green. I like it, too. Hope you have a day filled with the luck of the Irish! Sincerely, Susan

Linda said...

Love how the sun shining thru the glass looks! I love green glass also and have many pieces. Thanks for sharing yours today!! Oh and I also have blue, turquoise and some amber glass. I guess I REALLY like glass.

Susan said...

Hi Linda....I love colored glass, too. Isn't it great we have lots of interests? Thanks for stopping by. Have fun in Texas today! Sincerely, Susan

middle child said...

Trust me. You can never have too many collections!!!! Jewelry, shoes, snowbabies, crystal, birds, goebel, books,....shall I go on? Love your blog. When I see what you get and hear your descriptions, it is like I was there. I am living vicariously thru you. Thanks. Oh and lets don't forget to collect anything shiney. I think that one is actually in our genetics!! peace

Susan said...

Hello Middle Child....So glad you enjoy my blog. I'm very happy to heart that. I, too,have many collections that I love adding to! Guess it's all part of the joy of life. Take care and have a peaceful day. Sincerely, Susan

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

I love glassware and china. Like you, the last thing I need is another collection. Occasionally, though, I find a piece I can't resist. :)


LDH said...

Susan, these green pieces look terrific on the window sill! Although I love colored glass, white pieces are still my favorite!

Kindly, ldh

Susan said...

Dear Susan and LDH...Loved having you both stop by and comment. Thanks, thanks, thanks! Sincerely, Susan

Dianne said...

Oh my... When I was a kid my favorite was cobalt glass... I have 2 beautiful real cobalt glass vases that have been passed down through generations in my family. My mom had crisp white Fenton ware... I love depression glass of all colors... I have amber, clear, green and pink. I have some new ruby red glass ware too. The glasses that we use in my house are vintage green and amber stemware water glasses of 3 different patterns. Two of my favorite pieces are vintage light green candle sticks. Did you know that the compound that makes violet purple glass insulators is potassium permanganate? And the longer it stays in the sun, the darker purple it gets. Just a piece of useless information for you... lol

Susan said...

Wow, Dianne. I did NOT know that information about violet purple glass. Did you know there is molten gold in cranberry glass? That's what makes it so doggone expensive. Take care and sooooooo happy you stopped by and commented. Great info! Sincerely, Susan

Andrea said...

Oh, that green glass is pretty! I'm not Irish, but I wore green today. Went to garden club and then out to eat with the ladies. Someone commented on my green sweater and necklace and I then realized that it was St. Patty's Day....I hadn't even known it until that moment. LOL
I just posted a little aqua glass jar that I bought at an estate auction on Saturday. I just love aqua/turquoise right now and I've bought 5 or 6 things lately.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Love the colored glass! I wish I could keep my windows clean in this country of sand and dust. Mine would never look so lovely as those you've shown with a beautiful view beyond. I love cobalt blue and collect that for my kitchen. I love just about every color and have many, many collections. Wishing you a wonderful day! :) Tammy

Susan said...

Hello Andrea and Tammy! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Andrea, good luck with the aqua glass. It's beautiful and such a pretty color.

Tammy, do they have antique/thrift stores in Kuwait? Just curious. I have cobalt in my kitchen,too!

Hope you girls, and everyone, has a really good and positive day! Sincerely, Susan

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