Thursday, April 22, 2010


Yesterday morning, my husband and I left to explore part of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We are not at all familiar with that part of this picturesque state.

Sometimes one just needs a change-of-scene. It does the spirit good to see a new place, meet new people, taste different foods, and just have a totally different experience.

I had every intention of posting on this blog for today, Thursday, April 22. ha! Wouldn't you know it, the hotel we stayed at had no computer for the public to use. 

We could find no cafes that offered Internet access.  So.  Today's post is kaput except for this photo and my explanation of not checking in with my very favorite people in the whole world-----YOU! My fellow bloggers, Followers, and curious visitors are very important to me.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!  I loved being near the ocean and will share some photographs with you soon.

The photo for today was taken at a serene and peaceful lake in western Mass.  I love to go there when I'm stressed!



diane stetson said...

I go to a gorgeous spot in Dana Point that has an ocean view and sit on a bench and read relieves stress completely.

Linda said...

I love the beach when I'm stressed or a lake or stream will also do. I lived on Cape Cod many years ago and I loved it there! Have fun.

Karen Lange said...

This is so peaceful looking. Thanks for being so determined to share it:)

Susan said...

Dear Diane, Linda,and Karen...Thanks so much for coming by and commenting. May you each have a STRESSLESS night! Come visit again very soon, okay? Sincerely, Susan

Leslie, the Home Maker said...

What a beautiful place you go!
Actually, my beefcake and I are going to the Smokey Mountains tomorrow for the weekend to relax and de-stress.
I will be sure to share the pictures, but I dunno if I can find a lake like yours above in the mountains, LOL!
Can't wait to see what you saw (are seeing)!

Susan said...

Hello Leslie...Have a WONDERFUL time. I will take you to Cape Cod in the next few days! Will you take me to the Smokey Mountains? We'll do it through our posts and photos, okay? Thanks for coming over! Love your visits. Sincerely, Susan

Jan Cline said...

Now that looks like a place I would go to relax and just breathe. Great picture.

Susan said...

Thanks, Jan! Sincerely, Susan

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