Friday, April 9, 2010

Turquoise-Eyed Beauty

When it comes to dolls, I have as much resolve to refrain from buying as a chocolate bar remaining entact near a bonfire.

It's the little kid in me, I guess. Dolls are probably the happiest remembrances of my childhood and every time one is purchased, happiness is repeated all over again!

Some dolls pull harder on the old heart strings than others. The gypsy doll, shown in this post, falls into that catagory. She was not new when I found her. As a matter of fact, her travels landed her in a thrift store in Tucson, Arizona.

When her turquoise eyes met my brown eyes, we immediately connected. Her dark hair frames a sweet face which has a slightly serious expression on it. Often times, gypsies have difficult lives. Her dress and hat are also turquoise colored. Someone, somewhere, put brightly colored beads around her neck.

When I look at Gypsy Rose, the strains of mysterious music sound in my ears. I can picture real gypsies gathered around a campfire under a canopy of stars in the night sky! There's the sound of a violin and then hands wildly clapping.

Who said dolls cannot spark the imagination? They make mine burst into flame and that's why I love dolls so much. Collecting them is one of my favorite hobbies.

So I hope you enjoy looking at Gypsy Rose. Isn't she a beauty? Today, she resides on my bedroom dresser, having survived the cross country trip to the east! Gypsies, after all, are very mobile and can call any place "home."



Lynn-Teacupstitches said...

Hi Susan!
Bless your sweet Turquoise-eyed Gypsy doll loving heart!! What a wonderful find. I have a few dolls but my passion is antique teddy bears and I can totally relate to that "connection" you get get when you find one that speaks to you!!
Thanks for sharing her!!

diane stetson said...

Dear Susan
You've loved dolls since you were a baby...
Just want you to know YOU are a doll....xo

Anonymous said...

I love this doll, she really is a beauty.....

I remember my brother bought me a really pretty blonde doll, with the daintiest of features...and I was little, I ended up chewing her fingers off! I think I should blog about that memory on Conversational Carmelina some day!

thanks for sharing, and for all of your visits.
ciao bella

middle child said...

I am not much into dolls though I do have my original Barbie, a doll called Little Miss No Name and Maribell? a doll made by Madamn Alexander that had crutches and casts. I have a troll doll that my mom (gone since 1971) knitted an angora "dress" for. My own purchases? At an auction I got maybe 8 or 9 Eskimo/Indian dolls and one cowgirl type. I love them. They were like oiginally from Bradford Exchange or Danbury Mint or whatever. My point is,...I think your doll is absolutely beautiful. Wow!

Linda O'Connell said...

She has such a beautiful face. Oh those eyes!

Susan said...

Thanks to each of you for your compliments on Gypsy Rose. She is a sweetheart. In case you all haven't noticed, I love dolls! Ha! And you are all my "living" dolls for coming to my blog and reading it, then commenting. Sincerely, Susan

Chatty Crone said...

I think they came from Romani (?)and they are travellers.

She is beautiful. Dark hair and dark blue eyes.


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