Friday, May 28, 2010

Natural Lake Beautifies the Earth: POST FOR SATURDAY, MAY 29

Sitting on the shores of a lake brings serenity. Here is a lake that  is a serene, peaceful spot in Western Massachusetts.

A natural body of water, it's rimmed with gentle hills that change color with the seasons.  Some of the trees that surround the lake have been there since the time when Native Americans inhabited the area.

Whether the  surrounding hills are filled with greenery in the spring and summer or wearing autumn's splendorous gold, orange, and red finery, they look as if they were always guarding this lake.  Even in winter, when the hills are barren, they turn a deep, rich purple at certain times of the day.

This lake has been a part of my life since childhood. Whenever we drove to this part of Massachusetts, we visited the lake.  We ran to its public beach to splash in the water in the summer and we'd scare our Mom by ducking below the water.  We'd hold our breath and stay underwater as long as humanly possible. Fresh children.  Poor Mummy would be hysterical on the shore, screaming out the names of her children who she thought for sure had drowned.

As a teen, the high school ring my uncle let me wear slipped off my finger and fell into the murky waters of the lake.  That uncle is now gone and I wonder if it's possible for the ring to still be where it was dropped, buried deep in the mud on the lake's bottom.  Guess I'll never really know.

Coming back to the east after living for decades in other places, it's still sheer pleasure to go to the lake. The vistas there, from shoreline to whipped cream clouds above, squeeze my heart with their intense beauty.

Even on cold, dark days, when the water's filled with choppy waves, there's a magnetic attrraction to the lake.

Like humans, with varying moods, the lake calls out to me in all seasons. There is peace there.



Linda O'Connell said...

Susan, I too am so inspired by any body of water. How fortunate to have so many wonderful memories of this beautiful lake.

Chatty Crone said...

You have a beautiful place to go to for your peace and harmony. Wish I could see it with you.

You know some times I go back to my old neighborhood where I grew up. Some times I go to where my mom is buried - it is a beautiful place.

And I also have a place in my home that is just fo me!

Hope you have a nice weekend.


Karen Lange said...

Your photos are great! It looks so restful and scenic. Have a great weekend!

Leann said...

Wow, these photos are gorgeous, they look like postcards!

Enjoy the weekend!

BECKY said...

I was thinking the same thing as Leann....the photos are so clear and beautiful, they look like postcards! You must have a great camera. The trees in the 2nd picture look like they're in 3D! And I love the 3rd picture....It made me think of Ireland! I, too, love to be near water...especially the sounds of it. I just wrote about a trail I like, that has a little pond and waterfall. That's one of my favorite serenity places. I know you'll stop by my blog and read about it. I also posted a couple of pictures...but they're NOTHING like yours!! :)

Dianne said...

What a beautiful post. Have a wonderful weekend.

Susan said...

You are all SOOOOOOOO sweet to say you liked my photos. Actually, my camera is a very inexpensive Kodak pixel...less than $80! It's a FABULOUS camera and I LOVE it.

Guess what? This weekend I am at a wedding in OHIO but the hotel has a computer I can use. So! I still got to post! HURRAYYYYYYY. I hate to miss a posting because I love to keep in touch with everyone!

Take care. Have to go get beautifed! Catch you all later. Sincerely, Susan

diane stetson said...

I love this lake and now I love the ocean harbor near where I live. It is also very peaceful there and I love watching the ocean waves spill back and forth on the shore. Pictures of the lake bring back many memories..thanks for these pictures.

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