Sunday, May 30, 2010

New England Public Building Has Architectural Detail!

The house shown here now serves as the Community Center in Lenox,  MA, a small, rather upscale New England town. Whenever I am in that area and step inside this building, I feel that Jo, from the book "Little Women,"  is going to come sweeping from around the corner in her floor-length dress.

The huge rooms must have seen gala parties in their day and many guests at Christmas time as well. 

The size of the fireplace is amazing.

Large windows allow light to stream inside.

Exquisite details can be seen above the doorways. Layers of wood go all the way to the ceiling.

Old-fashioned lights are found throughout the large living room.

Here's what they look like lighted.

Chandeliers provide additional lighting in the former living room turned meeting room.  Arched bookshelves line the walls on either side of the fireplace. 

It's true what they say about old buildings like this one, namely, "They don't make houses like this anymore."
Now a bustling community resource, the Lenox Community Building serves townspeople in this New England locale. 

Lenox is a very picturesque town that is very New England in appearance. There is the town library, small shops of all kinds, and churches as well as  sweeping green lawns and towering trees, such as the one seen to the right.

Many inns and  bed and breakfast establishments operate here, too.  Lenox is also the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra at Tanglewood. On this multi acre complex, people come by the thousands to listen to the orchestra play on summer nights. They spread blankets on the grass, light candles in candlelabras, eat picnic lunches and sip wine.

All kinds of cultural events can be found in Lenox year-round.

Lenox is beautiful in all of the four seasons of this area.             
Many homes here are quite elegant.  One feature I
especially love is to see the fronts of the homes lighted
at night by spotlights. This  looks very inviting.                                           


BECKY said...

Give me a small town, near a large town! How's that? Thanks for taking us along on your trips, Susan, and sharing your beautiful photos!

Victorian1885 said...

Good morning Susan..I love the old buildings and all of their history! Thanks for sharing the information and photos. Have a good day..


diane stetson said...

I LOVE Tanglewood and every time I'm in the area I like to go and sit on the lawn or in the shed and listen to the magnificent music there. I DO miss that in the summertime.I love the small town of Lenox too but just to VISIT! Ha!

Linda said...

That is just gorgeous!! I love small towns and history!

T's Daily Treasures said...

I love old buildings, history and the fact that some folks are smart enough to preserve it. Sometimes I think the old ideas and ways of the past would serve us so much better than the noise and chaos that the world serves up today. I hope that you are having a pleasant and peaceful weekend. Many blessings, Tammy

Chatty Crone said...

They sure don't make them like they used too - what was that - a ten feel ceilings or more?

I like to visit small towns and learn, but I think I am a city girl.


Bookie said...

I agree with Becky:small town near a larger one if possible. I has been years since we visited New England,but it was a thrill. The villages there look and feel so much different than ones here in the Midwest. Thank for the reminder of what the area is like!

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