Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lake at Twilight

(See the two canoes gliding on the water? Click on any of the images to enlarge.)

The word "twilight" evokes enchanting images.

It's almost the beginning of a star filled evening yet signals the gentle end of a precious day.

New England, one of the most picturesque areas imaginable, has numerous natural lakes that are beautiful to see in all seasons.

It is with joy that these images are shared with you on a recent visit to a lake at twilight.  The sun is going down, tingeing with gold the clouds in its path.

Viewing such splendor fills a person with deep appreciation for the gift of life, itself.

As daylight dims, calm settles in the land. Birds glide blissfully in the sky, soaring above the gentle ripples of the water.

Soon it will be dark. The lake will be reflecting the silvery ribbons of moonlight.

A lone pink cloud scuttles across the remaining blue sky.

Day is coming to a close.        

Goodnight,sweet world.  Until tomorrow, then...



A New England Life said...

And thus ends the perfect summers day. Aren't we having glorious weather this year, as opposed to last year? The sunsets have been spectacular!

Oh to be on the lake at that golden moment.

Susan Roux said...

Thanks for taking me to your sunset. Lovely.

Thanks also for stopping by and leaving a comment. No, I've never read Miss Rumphius. I'll have to look for it. Anything with lupines must be beautiful!

Linda O'Connell said...

Strolling around a lake at sunset is a favorite activity. These photos evoke a feeling of serenity. Thanks, Susan.

Chatty Crone said...

Man - I would love to have something like that around here.

It reminds me of being able to breathe - peace - serenity - GOD.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Beautiful and so peaceful.

LDH said...

Susan, these images are so beautiful that I almost can enjoy the twilight as much as you did. Love the shot with the lens flair as the sun breaks on the horizon. Gorgeous!

Dianne said...

Beautiful... Twilight brings to my mind Night Hawks hunting on the wing and other night birds readying for their evening activities, Owls, Whipoorwills and Night Herons...

diane stetson said...

Just a song at twilight, when the lights are low, and the lingering shadows softly come and go....that's a song that I once knew..so appropriate for these pictures...xo

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